Traveling on a Budget: Simple Ways to Cut Costs

Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Whether you’re traveling for business or for fun, it can often be expensive. Factoring in the price of flights, food, and board, deters many of us from venturing outside the country. This shouldn’t be the case. It is possible to travel on a budget, but it will take some prior planning and thrifty thinking. Don’t let the costs of travel hold you back this year. Take a look at some of the simple ways you can cut the cost of travel, and visit those dream destination


We often eat out whilst we’re abroad. If you’re traveling from place to place you may not have the opportunity to cook for yourself. This raises the price of our trip as we opt for expensive restaurants. Instead try eating like the locals. You may be on the move, but try shopping in local markets as they may be cheaper. Alternatively if you’re in places like Asia, try eating street food rather than restaurant cuisine. Street food vendors are usually locals who have made the food from scratch. This means you’ll be eating local delicacies and it’s normally incredibly cheaply. 


Getting around in a foreign country can be daunting. Cutting costs will take some planning in advance. Plan the route you want to take and work out the cheapest option. Often travel forums will have advice about the best routes and operators. Be it bus, train, or taxi, each country has a cheaper method of transport. By looking ahead, you will save yourself stress and money when you're at your destination. 


Where you rest your head at night could impact your budget massively. From tents to trendy boutique hotels. There are so many options. In general, choosing to camp will massively reduce your costs. Countries like Australia, Japan, and America, all have lots of spectacular places to camp. Some campsites have facilities like toilets, showers, and even laundry. If you are buying a tent make sure everyone will have enough room. Shop around for the perfect size and style of tent for your journey. There are makes to suit every budget. 


Keeping in touch with those at home is important whilst traveling but can often be expensive. Consider saving your phone for emergencies and use other methods of communication instead. Postcards may seem old school, but they’re a cheap and thoughtful way of contacting loved ones. Alternatively, if you’re in a country with internet access, wait until you have WiFi and send an email instead of a text. This is such a small change, but will save you lots of money. 


Travel as light as you can! Airfares are already expensive enough, but most airlines now charge for extra bags. This means that for any extra bag you have, the costs will be mounting. If you’re backpacking, try and fit everything you need into one rucksack. This will count as your carry-on and will be easier to carry when you get to your destination.

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