Nothing In The Fridge: Here's The Perfect Solution

Saturday, March 04, 2017

We’ve all been there. Putting off the weekly shop because work has dragged on and we simply want to get home and put our feet up. The only problem is you open the fridge and there is nothing to be seen. A vortex to be stared into with a feeling of misery and hunger. 

Well, don’t worry. Providing you have a few bits in your store cupboard, you can make a meal out of one of the best recipes of all time. The pancake. 

Sure, you are probably used to throwing these delicious treats down you at breakfast. However a pancake can be used to make a really filling and utterly delicious dinner. So let’s have a look a couple of great recipes you can make at home.

Firstly, we are using a batter which only contains the bare basics, so don’t worry. You need one or two eggs (if you can only use one egg white. But use both yolks) some flour, you can use plain or self raising, and milk. If you are out of milk then use water, although fizzy water is best.

Cheese and ham pancakes are delicious. Super simple to put together. Make your pancakes one by one, then add grated cheese and slices of ham before you remove them from the pan. This will give your cheese a little time to melt and will create a delicious flavour. When you remove from the pan try to fold in half as you slip onto the plate. That’s it. A little salt and pepper and you are on your way.

If you have a bag of spinach lurking at the back of your fridge, you can create a delicious healthy pancake by wilting it off and adding it as a topping to your pancake. Whilst this would be fine on it’s own, you could add some leftover chicken, chorizo sausage or blue cheese to give it a little more flavour.

Of course, as boring as it sounds, a pancake topped with a perfectly poached egg could be your only option. Don’t worry, it is absolutely delicious and with all that egg, you are going to be getting a pretty hefty protein kick!

There are some great recipes to be found here Best American pancake recipes - quick, easy and delicious - MyGreatRecipes but for those who happen to keep a little smoked salmon in the freezer you could make some utterly gorgeous salmon rolls. Let your pancake cool and then add cream cheese and smoked salmon to the top. A squeeze of lemon and a twist of pepper will finish the flavour off beautifully. Then all you need to do is roll it up into a sausage and slice into bite size pieces. A fantastic and delicious dinner for one.

Next time you look in the fridge and think all is lost, spare a little thought for the humble egg and then get creative with what you have. Add spices, make them fat, or even accept defeat and have a sugary dinner for this one night of the week. It only takes three simple ingredients to make an amazing meal! So get cooking!

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