Looking For A Good Reason To Visit Iceland?

Friday, February 17, 2017

Did you know that Iceland combines the most active volcano in the world and the largest glacier in the world? It might seem paradoxical, but there is more than one surprise about Iceland. Indeed, the Icelandic population has the longest life expectancy in the world, but nobody knows whether this is because it’s such a clean country - Reykjavik is the cleanest capital in the world - or whether it’s because of its progressive social thinking, they have after all the first democratically elected female president in the world. In short, Iceland is a fun and exciting country. So if you are looking for a good reason to visit it, what do you make of the three below?

A Mystical Getaway In Nature

If you are looking for a romantic location to cuddle up to your darling while admiring the magical wilderness, don’t look any further. You will find in Iceland not only a stunning natural landscape but also amazing spots to watch the Northern lights. Could there be anything more romantic than watching the mystical colors painting a dream landscape in the sky? By the way, if you’re one for a scientific approach, the Northern Lights have in truth nothing mystical, they are energetically charged particles from the sun that collide with the Earth’s atmosphere. While this sounds a little less romantic, this doesn’t change the beauty of this natural phenomenon. The Northern Lights are visible for 8 months of the year in Iceland, so you just need to be lucky with the weather to see them, that is to say when the sky is clear. So why not book a tour of Iceland for your anniversary or as a romantic treat for no reason but love for each other?

A Challenge Like No Other

If you are in an altruistic mood, you might want to have a look at charity events, such as the ones organized by Global Adventure Challenges. Every year the company plans a charity trek circuit in the remote Icelandic highlands. What’s a charity trek? It’s a trekking challenge for which you decide to raise funds for a charity of your choice. On the one side you discover amazing landscapes from multi-colored mountains to shining glaciers, and on the other, your trekking adventure is part of a fundraising campaign. This is a great option for the travelers with a big heart. 

A Place To Create

Iceland offers inspiring landscapes to the creative souls. As a result, you can find writing workshops and retreats in Iceland. You don’t need to be a renowned and published author to join, all you need is an interest in writing. Whether you are an occasional writer who wants to discover the tips of the professionals, or you are struggling with your blog or your novel project, an Icelandic retreat is the next trend to consider. You will get to meet a team of international writers who can help you to fight the writer’s bloc and to hone your skills with the right practice. 

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