A Carnivore's Dream

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

So at the moment, one of the biggest trends in food all over the world is American BBQ. It fits in brilliantly with that woodsman's, hipster, craft beer movement that is going on, and to top all that it is filling and delicious! In fact, it is so popular that you can now get good BBQ in many cities around the world. But what if you'd rather create this culinary masterpiece in the comfort of your own home? Then read on for an all-inclusive guide to creating the best home BBQ. 

The Meat 

Of course, the first thing that you need to work out when you are planning a home BBQ cook up is the dishes that you are going to make. With BBQ it's all about the meat quality and flavor. It really is a carnivore's dream. 

Traditional meat items for an All-American BBQ include short ribs, long ribs, sausages, pulled pork, burnt ends and beef brisket. 

Some of these items are easier to make than others, and you need to remember that ribs, pork, and brisket are covered in dry rubs and then smoked in the type of smokers you can get from places like BBQ Plus for your own home. Then they are covered in different sauces depending on the way you are going to serve them.

Burnt ends take even longer to cook up as they are pieces of brisket that are trimmed from the original smoked joint, and then cooked up again to give them a crispier texture. 

The sausages tend to be on the large side and can include extra filling such as cheese and jalapeno. You can make these yourself if you are up for a challenge. All you need is a recipe like this and a sausage attachment for your food processor. Don't forget you will need some skins or casing as well to get them to be authentic. 


Sides can include things like homemade corn bread. This is a sweet tasting bread that originated in the South. It’s made with cornmeal, sugar flour and butter. Don't forget to include little nuggets of sweet corn that pop in your mouth when you eat the bread for an extra special touch. If you are doing the whole hog, you can even get a cast iron corn shaped skillet pan to bake them in for maximum effect. 


You might think fries are just fries? But there is a great fashion towards fancy varies at the moment. Which aren’t too hard to have a go at home. 

Firstly you can make your own sweet potato fries or wedges by cutting an orange sweet potato thinly and cooking it slowing in a low oven. It can be hard to get the crispy sometimes, so make sure you spray the baking tray with oil as well as the potatoes, and put them in well before you serve your meal. Then you can finish them off the on the BBQ for that griddle marked look. 

Then there are shoe string fries which are very thin shreds of potatoes that are deep fried to be crispy and delicious. You can easy use a vegetable spiralizer to make these, and they are economical too! As one potato will definitely feed a person if not two. 

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