Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Are you over watching anything political? Are you frustrated that you are not in Paris for Paris Deco Off or Maison Objet? Well look no further than the 63rd year Winter Antiques Show “A Benefit For The East Side House Settlement.” This year’s event is shown at the historic Park Avenue Armory in New York City and presents 70 exhibitors ranging from collectors, curators, dealers, and design professionals.

“Buffalo Bills” Hat – Tambaran Gallery
Porcelain – Cohen & Cohen
Fran O’ Brian, Division President at CHUBB (presenting sponsor of the Winter Antiques show) exclaims that being involved in WAS means “preserving the rich cultural heritage and artistic endeavors of previous generations.” With artifacts like the “Buffalo Bills” Hat, presented by Tambaran Gallery, and historic Asian porcelain from Cohen & Cohen, walking the exhibit feels like walking thru a private Manhattan museum. 

However, besides viewing pieces of history the exhibit also portrays an eclectic and whimsical mix of home décor. One of my favorite spaces to walk thru was Geoffrey Diner’s Booth, a sensually lit “love shack” and carefully selected mix of Tiffany Studio lights and female figure photography by artist Robert Stivers. Todd Merrill Studio also stole the show (in my opinion) with its quirky display of the Beth Katleman mirror “White Rabbit” and organic Markus Haase

Geoffrey Diner Gallery
“White Rabbit” Todd Merrill Studio
Geoffrey Diner Gallery – Tiffany Studio Light
Todd Merrill Studio- Mark Haase table
There is something for every generation to lust over and stare at for a given time. Overall Winter Antiques Show is a fun experience and a must see show for those of us who enjoy one-of-a-kind artifacts. Thank you to Decaso Decorative Arts Society for a wonderful designer preview brunch!

via Jenny Melendez / SDF - A Lifestyle Element

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