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Monday, January 30, 2017

Williamsburg, Virginia - Coleman Bridge
The first thing that you will notice in Virginia, especially if you have come from New York like me, is that there are a lot of forests. Also, you should keep in mind that Virginia is border line a Southern State. Therefore, be prepared that you should see some civilians driving around in pickup trucks and walking around with guns openly.

I was lucky to have a good friend from the area, who showed me the ins and outs. You definitely need a car to move around the town! Therefore, you should think about driving down there or renting a car. With car, all the stores and restaurants are at your vicinity.

Top 5 places to visit in Suffolk, Virginia and nearby areas

1) Kelly's Tavern

Kelly's is the ultimate American family-friendly place, with small booths and pool tables available. They have many good options to eat such as burgers and salads of your choosing. 

2) Jamestown

This is where the first British settlement successfully happened in pre-colonial Northern America. Today, the area is composed of homes that are similar to what where inhabited by the settlers. Visitors can also see the old James Fort and the archaeological museum. (It is about an hour drive from Suffolk).

3) Williamsburg

This is a bustling town that has its infrastructures still modeled like colonial homes. Also, it is worth to look at the William and Mary college for undergrad and graduate school. It is considered to be one of the top schools in the country. As seen in the photo, it is also cool to visit Governor's Palace, which was home to Patrick Henry and Thomas Jefferson until the capital was moved to Richmond. (It is also about an hour drive from Suffolk).

Fun Fact: There are also can be historic reenactments from the American Revolution and the Civil War at Williamsburg. You should look for dates before your planned visit.

4) Bowling Alley at Chesapeake

These bowling alleys are very spacious compared to the ones that can be found in New York. Also, make sure that you try the buffalo wings that they serve at AMF Chesapeake Lanes. That was my personal favorite food there. (It is about a 30 minute drive from Suffolk)

5) Walmart

You can literally find anything here. Most youngsters from the area like to hang out there to pass time. I actually bought a souvenir camouflage jacket to remember my visit. Fun Fact: You can also buy a model of the Declaration of Independence at a 7/11 store.

The prices are a little less than in New York. 

If you're looking to get away from the big city, then Virginia is the place to go. The night sky is filled with stars and there are hardly any cars on the road. It's definitely a place to relax and to have a good time.

Mabry Mill is a restored gristmill/sawmill/woodworking shop and blacksmith shop along the Blue Ridge Parkway. Old time skills are demonstrated by reenactors and applebutter is made on Sundays. Virginia Tourism Corporation,

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