Travel Priorities: How To Set Yours

Friday, January 13, 2017

Whether you’re new to the travel bug or a seasoned professional, it’s not always easy to know what to prioritize when you plan. When you’re on a budget, it can be even harder - something's got to give. If you’re ready to get some travel plans in place, but you have no idea where to start, it’s time to work out what your priorities really are. Traveling is one of the only ways you can spend money and end up richer, so it’s important to make every decision count - starting from now.


First things first, you might want to think about whether or not your location matters. Or, if it does, should it be the one thing you refuse to compromise on? One of the easiest ways to decide on that is to draw up a travel bucket list. When wanderlust strikes, it can be easy to want to follow your travel fuelled heart. But, you should try to keep your decisions in line to make sure that they really count. By creating a bucket list, you can formulate a prioritized list that will help you to determine if your location really is the most important travel element of all.


If you’re wondering what could be more important than heading to a place you’ve always wanted to see, you’re about to see things a little clearer. Sometimes, a restricted budget can make travel a little tough. If your accommodation matters to you, you might struggle to get everything you want - including transport and accommodation in the area you want - for the budget you have. If staying in a beautiful place is more important to you than anything else, you ought to be flexible with your destination, as some places will give you more for you money accommodation wise.


For some people, travel will be all about food. It might sound crazy to some, but others will travel the world in search of the finest, tastiest and most eye-opening food imaginable. Now that you think about it, it doesn’t sound so crazy after all. If food if your priority, you’re going to want to draw up a bit of a bucket list that centers around food. Read up, research, and head to worldwide sites like that will allow you to write up a list of must-visit destinations, like California, that will satisfy the foodie in you.


When you travel, what’s usually on your hit list? A lot of the time, it will be things like culture, history or sight seeing. In fact, the travel bucket list you drew up might even be focused entirely on the things you want to see in the world, rather than the places you want to visit. When that’s the case, you have to prioritize experience over anything else. Whether you want to see the pyramids in Egypt or the Grand Canyon in the US, your travel priorities should clearly be spelled out for you, based on the cultures, history or sights you’re dying to see.

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