3 Ways to Reinvent Yourself

Friday, January 20, 2017

New Year means a variety of things to different people: resolutions to be broken or kept, lifestyle changes to be adapted to or flung to one side and the chance to reinvent yourself or keep it as it is. While the majority of people opt for the latter (let’s face it, it’s a lot easier and saves hassle and effort). Those who choose to go down the reinvention route are doing it for a reason. 

Maybe you want to be healthier, have a play around with different styles or better yourself as a person? Whatever the reason is for giving it a try, make sure that it suits you and isn’t taking you too far out of your comfort zone - you don’t want to end up being more miserable when the whole intent was trying to step away from that. 

Reinvent your Health

As things go, this is the easiest of the choices to pick. There are so many options out there currently to help you get slimmer, fitter and feeling more well within yourself. You don’t necessarily have to diet in order to become healthier - it could be something as simple as drinking a couple of extra glasses of water a day to properly rehydrate your body, or going to bed earlier to catch a couple more hours sleep to give your body the rest that it needs to fully function. Joining a gym or taking up more exercise will definitely help you to feel more energised and may even help to increase your productivity levels; when your mind is focused on one thing, it is more likely to be focusing on other things too. Gotta use that brain energy somewhere! 

Reinvent your Style 

A slightly harder one, as style is subjective. Take inspirations from magazines, friends, blogs such as Joyfully Styled, anything you can - pick a look which you have always wanted to try and experiment with it. The great thing about fashion is that is always changing, so even if you don’t get it quite right now, there will always be a chance to start all over again. Who knows, what may not have been fashionable for you at one point of the year could be the hottest trend later on - that’s just how fickle the fashion world is! 

Reinvent your Attitude

The hardest of them all. If you have grown up thinking one thing, it can be hard to start thinking another. So if you have gotten into the trait of making snide comments about people as soon as you have walked away from them, or silent judging somebody as soon as you see them (without getting to know them beforehand), it can be a very difficult thing to do. It may be the other end of the spectrum; maybe you see yourself as too nice, and therefore are appearing too gullible to people. Too much of one thing can be bad in some situations, but don’t take away the essence of your personality - once you stop being you, you may not be happy. Stick to three simple rules for being a nice person, and the rest should just flow: be kind, be gracious and be forgiving.

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