2016 - An Ugliest and Most Frightening Year in Modern History... yet we shall Take our broken heart, make it into art.

Monday, January 09, 2017

For some people, 2016 was the best year of their lives (though they may want to keep quiet about that for a while), but in general 2016 felt like the ugliest, cruelest, most frightening year in history. Political norms and hegemonies have disintegrated, leaving us to flounder in the uncertainty of Donald Trump, Brexit and the clash of civilizations that is radical Islam vs. the West.

Celebrities die every year, but it’s almost unheard of to lose so many who were so culturally important.

And on top of that so many of us have experienced personal tragedies. This year more than any other, it seems many of us have lost a loved one, or been through catastrophic personal pain such as divorce, redundancy and illness.

But surely every year has its ups and downs, right? Is 2016 really that bad?

Depends who you ask, or which data you compile.

But in short yes. It was pretty damned bad.

And that’s probably why 2016 really did feel like things were so bad. It wasn’t just Brexit and Trump that put the year on a downer: Yes, the people we love (and, er, Princess Leia) really were dying faster than ever - and those that did die were some truly massive stars, which made it even more dramatic.

Here’s hoping that the Grim Reaper will be slightly more forgiving in 2017 and live by Meryl Streep's speech from Golden Globes with a quote recalling the late Carrie Fisher. "As my friend, the dear, departed Princess Leia, said to me, 'Take your broken heart, make it into art.'"

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