Pinterest Worthy Decoration Ideas For Every Budget

Wednesday, December 07, 2016

If you ever find yourself spending your days drooling over Pinterest boards of homes and decor, but then feel deflated because you realize your place looks nothing like that, and would cost a fortune to get even a fraction of that look, then not to worry.

The good news is, you can still use your Pinterest boards to gather inspiration, and even if you’re on a tight budget, you can get a little creative and recreate some of the ideas you see on there without going bankrupt.
  • Make use of old furniture: don’t fall into the trap of thinking that because you see it on Pinterest that it must be brand new. A lot of the people pinning on there are creative, artistic people who simply know their way with a tin of paint and a brush. Look around your place for pieces of furniture that you’d like to replace, and see if it can’t be just given a new look instead. Take a trip to your local DIY store and get the materials to work on it. You may find that all you needed was some nice colored paint, or a bit of decorating foil to completely transform the look of your furniture.
  • Buy used furniture and accessories: to create your perfect Pinterest worthy, Home Comfort USA look, doesn’t mean you have to have the latest furniture or accessories shown there - you can easily grab yourself a good bargain and find something that already has amazing style and character, or something that you can add to with your acquired DIY skills from above. Take a look on sites like Craigslist or even just visit local flea markets to pick yourself up some seriously unique items.
  • Get creative: although you may not have a lot of time to play with here and learn how to make cushions, candles, or other accessories, you can still get creative and make things that take less time to learn and finish. Things like picture frames, nice vision boards and collages can be made using easy to find items like colored paper and embellishments. These can easily and quickly brighten up a new room, or even if you want to get a bit more creative, you could create a nice backdrop for your home office that costs next to nothing to make using the items above.
So, as you see - giving your place a new fresh look really doesn’t have to cost the world. You can simply get a little creative, put some thought into things, and be able to create something pretty amazing.

The environment we live in is so important to our mental health, our happiness, and general wellbeing, so it makes sense that we want something we feel comfortable with, and you certainly don’t have to be limited to what you already have if you really don’t like it.

You also don’t have to live in a state of envy every time you go on Pinterest - with a little imagination, you can easily create the same look for your own home.

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