Give Your Home A Makeover With This Quick And Simple Guide

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Many people take pride in their homes and love to make them look amazing and match their personalities. At this time of year especially, people start to focus on their homes as a new year resolution. Perhaps feeling motivated to finally sort that spare room out or even decluttering their homes for good. So if you feel the need to give your home a quick spruce up or a full on makeover, this quick and simple guide should be able to help. 

Give your home a lick of paint

Paint doesn’t need to cost the earth. But painting the walls in a new fresh color can make a big impact on how your home looks. Paint can make it feel new and also means that not much else needs to be done to update it. Thankfully, a fresh coat will make your home feel brand new. Whether you stick to the same colors or try something new. Just head online for some house painting tips if you're stuck for a little curb appeal. 

Declutter your home to give it that brand new feel

Tidying your home costs nothing. But it can make one of the biggest difference to your home's aesthetics and feel. Getting rid of unnecessary clutter can make a home feel fresh and clean. It can also make a room look different by tidying away any bits and pieces that have accumulated over time. Just take a moment to look in your drawers and cupboards and see for yourself. Even just giving five minutes of your day to decluttering a space or drawer can make a huge difference. 

Add some new key pieces of furniture

Often the key pieces of furniture in your home are the biggest and most eye-catching, so why not replace a few of these pieces that are looking a little tired and outdated? Maybe it’s the sofa in your living room, or the bed in your bedroom. It can make a big difference to your home and instantly make it feel like you have had a complete makeover. 

Change the room layout

Sometimes just moving a few things around can make a room feel completely different. Trying your sofa in a different place, or moving your bed under the window instead of being against the wall. Why not try a few new layouts and see how different the room could feel?

Add some personal touches to make your house feel more homely

A house without many personal effects is just a house, whereas adding photographs or some little trinkets that mean a lot to you will make that house a home. So why not have a look around your home and see where you can add some little touches to make it more homely?

Make a few significant changes

Finally, making a few significant changes can have a big impact on your home. That might mean changing the flooring to different rooms. Wooden flooring, for example, can make a home feel more modern, whereas carpets can make it feel cozy and warm. The choice is yours. 

I hope this has inspired you to give your home a makeover.

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