Amazing Countries To Consider When You're Tired of The City

Friday, June 28, 2019

Living in the city always has its advantages. You can find somewhere open any time you need it, night or day. There are always travel options to get somewhere else in a hurry. Perhaps most important if you're sociable, you always have the chance to meet new people. 

But there is always a reason to get away, too. Spending 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year in cities is the kind of thing that will stress you out. Taking the chance to escape the city for a while and just breathe in some cleaner air and see some unobscured views is good for you. When it comes to taking a holiday, don't go to another city. Go somewhere new and unique, and let your stresses melt away

The US: Take A Road Trip

If you have free time ahead and nothing booked, you may feel tempted to go somewhere just for the enjoyment of going away. However, if nothing grabs you as enthralling when you look in your local travel agent or online, why not hit the road? 

Have an end destination in mind. Take a look at a map and see what is between you and it. You can put in some stopping-off points, or just drop anchor anywhere that looks intriguing along the way. All of this, of course, at your own pace. Some of the best trips we take are the ones that are a little impromptu.

Iceland: A Scape Of Volcanic Wonder

There is a very clear reason why musical artists and TV shows have been heading to Iceland for filming recently. Its landscape is something quite unlike what most of us are used to. 

It looks like something from another world (which may be what persuaded Game Of Thrones to shoot there). And if this otherworldliness makes you worried that it's not holiday material, don't worry. There is a strong tourist industry here, and the nightlife and amenities are world-class.

Australia: Off The Beaten Track

Everyone knows about Sydney, Melbourne, and the other cities. People know about Uluru, also (although some may know it better as Ayers Rock). Sometimes, though, Western Australia gets ignored, and that's a shame. For anyone lucky enough to experience Kimberley tours WA has plenty going for it.

From idyllic beaches at Cape Leveque to the dizzying Kimberley gorges, this is a holiday you won't regret taking. It may not be where everyone's mind goes when they think about Australia, but maybe it should be.

India: A Relaxing Spiritual Experience

If you really want to get away from the hustle and bustle, then a trip to India may be what suits you. Yes, you may be picturing those packed train rides you've seen on the TV, and the cities can be like that. 

But travel to a spot like Goa, with its sun-soaked beaches, and you're in a different world. The pace of life drops by several beats. It's all a lot more chilled. Street markets selling hand-crafted items and restaurants with excellent seafood are as hectic as it gets. Even then, that's not very hectic.

Take yourself off the treadmill of city life once in awhile, and you'll see why spots like these are where people retire to. A little peace and quiet, but still with lots to see and do - it makes life a lot more pleasant.

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