Wake Up Happy: How To Make Your Bedroom Decor Help Your Mood

Saturday, November 26, 2016

At the end of a long day, surely very few of us don't look forward to slipping into bed and drifting off to sleep. Time it right, just at the point where your eyelids are drooping, and you can feel yourself slipping into slumber. The process of waking up, on the other hand, is one that few are so keen on. We're in bed right now, sure. But in a few minutes, we'll have to not be. That seems cruel.

You've got to earn a living, though, and that means cutting through the temptation to mute the alarm and drift back off. If you can't spend the day in bed, the next best option is to have a bedroom that makes getting up a pleasure. Picking the right things to decorate your room will help a lot in that regard. You may not be able to persuade actual woodland creatures and birds to dress you, but as close to Disney princess as possible would be nice.

So to finish off the perfect bedroom to wake up in, let's think about the things that make waking up hard to do, and tick them off.

"I Wince When My Feet Meet The Cold Floor"

Every winter morning brings the same quandary. You wake up, and your feet are safely inside a lovely warm duvet. But you need to be out of bed, and you happen to know the floor isn't so warm. Some of us have a visceral reaction to this and will leave it as late as possible while we summon up the nerve. It's a problem that goes away if you pick a thick, deep-pile carpet to get out onto. Keep the luxury a little longer!

"I Have Become One With My Bed"

Sometimes people might tell you when they see you wake up that it's hard to tell where you end and the duvet begins. And sometimes, that's how it feels too. You sink into the bedclothes, and when the time comes to get up, you struggle even to move. So why not get some bedclothes that help you on your way? Crisp, quality bed linen, brightly-colored, lets your body and mind feel ready to roll out and face the day anew.

"I Don't Want To Walk All The Way To The Bathroom"

Once you've completed the arduous task of getting out of bed, you need to strike while the iron is hot and get ready for the day ahead. That means showering and brushing your teeth. But if you're not willing to brave the landing, maybe it's time to look at an ensuite in your bedroom. 

Nothing too fancy - just a shower, toilet, and vanity, so it needn't even take up much space. Then you can walk back into the room and a walk-in closet. When mornings are as straightforward as this, you can get up and face any day!

None of this needs to cost the earth - just a few additions that make the early mornings easier to handle. And all without ruining your night-time comfort into the bargain.

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