Turn That Frown Upside Down: How To Adopt A More Positive Outlook

Monday, November 21, 2016

Positive thinking can change your life. This may seem like a dramatic statement. But if you can become a glass-half-full person, rather than a glass-half-empty person, life should become more enjoyable. When it’s dark and cold outside, it can be tough to find enthusiasm and motivation. Here are some tips to help you turn that frown upside down. 

Be open-minded

We live in a society where labeling is everywhere. Try to avoid branding something as good or bad. If you automatically think of something as bad, this will influence your mood. Be open-minded. Not every situation that is viewed as negative turns out the way you expect or anticipate. Your actions will often make the difference. If you’re prepared to see something in a different light, you can change your perceptions

Be mindful

Mindfulness is a buzzword at the moment. Many people use techniques associated with mindfulness to reduce stress and boost mental wellbeing. However, it can also help you to change your pattern of thinking. Often, we respond automatically, and this can lead to negative thoughts. If you get into a stream of negative thinking, mindfulness can alter this. Meditation is a popular practice. It allows you to clear your mind, and have some time out to reflect and think.

Be kind to yourself

Are you always complimenting or reassuring your friends? Are you the person family members go to for support or advice? If so, employ the same kindness when you’re feeling low, or you lack confidence. We tend to be hard on ourselves, and this can get us down. Focus on your strengths, and don’t compare yourself to others all the time. Learn to live with your flaws. If you’re having a tough day, give yourself a pep talk

Channel positive energy

When you’re feeling positive, build on this and channel that energy. Continue doing things that make you feel uplifted. Find your passions, and indulge them. Spread positivity among friends, family, and colleagues. Look for ways to take positive energy from neutral or negative scenarios. Reich’s theory suggests that orgone, life energy, can be neutral, negative or positive. If you’re facing a potentially negative situation, you don’t necessarily have to adopt a negative mindset. Find ways to achieve a different outcome. Meditate, exercise, or hang out with your best friends. 

Choose your friends carefully

Try and ensure that you have positive people around you. Negative thinking can rub off on others, and quickly change the mood. Surround yourself with people who make you feel strong, confident, and loved. You won’t form a deep connection with everyone you meet. It’s not about quantity when it comes to relationships. It’s about quality. It’s better to have a small group of friends that are is there for you through thick and thin. Avoid spending time with people who bring you down. Don’t be afraid to distance yourself from those that judge or make you feel anxious or uneasy. 

Sometimes, we have days when it seems impossible to look on the bright side of life. If you’re looking to adopt a more positive outlook, hopefully these tips will help.

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