Skiing Vs Snowboarding: Which Winter Sport Is For You?

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

A lot of us think of winter time as the time of year that we don’t bother much about exercise. But winter sports can be just as fun as summer ones – here’s the lowdown on which winter sport might work for you.


Skiing is generally the first winter sport that most people take part in, and is often thought of as more of a vacation activity than a winter sport. First of all, check out what sort of location you’d like to go to. Places like Vista Bahn Ski Rentals in Vail, Colorado will help you sort out all your gear to keep you safe on the slopes. In Europe, countries like France, Italy and Switzerland provide high class ski resorts and are also famous for their après ski activities. Skiing is the perfect winter sport for you if you want to go away with a group of your friends and take part in sports and fun-packed evenings in equal measure. If you go on a skiing vacation for a week, by the last day you’ll be able to ski to a pretty decent standard so you can enjoy the slopes and the clean fresh air before going out for dinner in the evening.


Is there anything that looks cooler than snowboarding? Probably not. Of course, that only counts for snowboarders who are actually any good at it – novice snowboarders tend to spend more time in the snow than actually upright on the slopes. Snowboarding is for people who are really dedicated to their sport – while skiing is more of a pastime to enjoy over the winter, snowboarding is, like surfing, more of a lifestyle. It’s also thought of as a younger person’s sport. If you loved skateboarding as a teen and surfing as an adult, then snowboarding is likely to be the winter sport for you. It’s challenging and difficult and it’ll send your adrenaline pumping – and it’s so worth it.

Ice Skating

If you’re into sports where you only have to do it for half an hour before sitting down with a cup of cocoa, then ice skating’s the one for you. Of course we’ve all seen incredible figure skaters at the Winter Olympics, and speed skaters like Apollo Ohno – but if you’re an adult, chances are you’d rather have some fun while doing circuits of the skating rink while trying not to fall over. Trying to make it to the next Winter Olympics isn’t really much of a priority for us. Ice skating is the perfect activity for anyone who’d like to be active in the winter in a festive, fun atmosphere, where you don’t have to pay too much for equipment or travel and where you’re not likely to get too badly injured.

Snow Angel Making

This may not, strictly speaking, be ‘a sport’. But if you’re the sort of person who prefers to indulge in Christmas cake over the festive season instead of getting your heart rate pumping, then spending time in the snow walking and spending time with your friends and family is probably the best winter pastime for you. Enjoy the crisp air, clear skies and cold weather.

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