Retreat Into A World Of Romance By Choosing An Island For Your Next Lovers Getaway

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Nothing beats a romantic break with the one you love. The trick, when looking into the perfect romantic setting, is to decide what you’re after. If you only have a few days, a weekend away in Paris could be exactly what you’re after. What better place for getting passionate than the city of love? If you have a little longer, you may want to go further afield. The whole point of a romantic break is exclusivity. Look for locations that will make you and your lover feel like the only people in the world. Scarcely populated areas can be excellent for the exclusive feeling of love you’re after. But, what are your options? There are many private islands offering the chance to get away from the real world. Here’s a list of just a few. . .


We’ll start with one you’ve probably heard of. Bora Bora is a favorite among honeymooners, and it’s no surprise. With a population of 8,880, this small island makes the perfect secluded getaway. A dormant volcano, Mt. Otemanu, forms the middle of the island, but a trip here will be far from explosive. Why not book up in one of Bora Bora’s iconic stilted bungalows, and sleep over the beautiful blue sea? The white beaches make the perfect setting for some candlelit dinners to die for. The island is also renowned for its coral reefs. If you can bear to pull yourselves out of your bubble, you could try scuba diving. Even if you choose not to leave your bungalow throughout your stay, Bora Bora is well worth the visit! 


We’re going even smaller next, with a look at the Caribbean island of Bequia. This tiny island is only seven square miles, and has a population of just 5000! You can’t get much more exclusive than this. There may not be any stilted bungalows here, but book yourself into one of the hotels in Bequia and enjoy one of the most exclusive holidays you’ll have been on. This island is a stunning sight to see. Strolling around it hand in hand with your lover will take your breath away. You could make a trip to Admiralty Bay, one of the Caribbean’s most protected natural harbors. Watching the yachts sail in is something special. Familiarize yourself with local culture by strolling to the capital, Port Elizabeth and taking a look at the traditional houses and shops.


Sveti Stefan is perfect if you’re after exclusivity, but want to travel to populated areas too. This tiny island is a 5-star hotel resort. It consists of beautiful chalets and hotels that would make the perfect romantic getaways. The island was once separate from the mainland. Narrow Isthmus now connect it, so you can explore whenever it takes your fancy! Getting a perfect balance can be an excellent way to make a romantic getaway. You’ll get the chance to see the culture, and can escape to your love nest when you’ve had enough!

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