Personalize Your Bathroom With These Creative Ideas

Friday, November 18, 2016

Bathrooms are pretty personal spaces. But few of us spend much time thinking about how we can personalize them. Why would we? Most of our home bathrooms are never seen by anyone but our immediate family. There are plenty of advantages to putting your own stamp on this small space. It can help you feel more relaxed. And it can help you to flex those creative muscles with a little home decor. So where can you make those personal touches count?

Colour is so important in the home. It sets a mood, reflects a character, and can add a sense of style to the room. Most bathrooms are mostly white. However, there is nothing to stop you adding a vibrant splash of color to the room to brighten things up. Why not a hot pink, vivid purple, or shimmering blue? To bring more color to your bathroom, consider buying towels and mats that are rich in deep color. You can add a small vase of flowers to the window sill. And you could even paint a feature wall to match.

Style isn’t just about color though. Shape plays an important part when we’re considering if we like the look of something or not. Baths come in several different shapes these days. There are those glorious roll top baths with their sumptuous curves and elegant feet. Then there are the two Ps. The square P shape offers a contemporary twist on his rounded P cousin. Both invite over-bath showers, making them highly functional too. 

No tub or basin is complete with taps. Websites like tapwarehouse are now stocking taps that are highly stylized. This can offer your bathroom a very contemporary look and feel. Chunky square shapes or elegant soap dish shapes can help complement the shape of your bathroom furniture and pottery. Add a similarly shaped mirrored towel radiator, and your bathroom could be incredibly glamorous.

Lighting in the bathroom is also really important. You might need good light to apply makeup or cleanse your face. But the bathroom is also a place where you want to unwind at the end of the day. If you want to enjoy a long, hot bath, why not consider installing some bathroom colour-changing LED lights? These can really help set the mood. And color therapy is becoming the new trendy way to enhance your mood and feel rejuvenated.

Do you enjoy candles when you’re in the bath? These are a great way to personalize the space while you are in there. You can select your preferred scents to make the room smell exactly the way you want. Add your favorite tunes to a bathroom sound system, and you can make your tub time even better. And if you’re feeling indulgent, and a spa bathtub to your bathroom for a bubbly massage every day.

Bathrooms aren’t just practical essentials. They are sanctuaries to escape to after a busy day. They are the places we retreat to for relaxation and rejuvenation. Personalizing this space can make it your favorite place to spend a penny!

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