Household Repairs Where "Wait And See" Is Not An Option

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

We've all been in a situation where something goes wrong in our home, and we had to make a decision. It could be anything - an extractor fan stops working, or a screw comes loose on our letterbox. And we think "that needs fixing ... at some point."

"Some point" is one of those beautifully non-specific phrases which can cover a long, long period of time. We walk back into the kitchen, months later, condensation forming on the window. "Oh yes, the extractor fan. Some point..." we mutter and walk out again. But there are some jobs that can't be done "at some point." Leave them too long, and the problem will get worse. Or you'll tie yourself in knots with short-term solutions. So, no "some point" for these. These are jobs you have to get done right now.

Your Boiler Has Stopped Working

Of particular importance in winter, but still important whenever it happens, this one. You wake up one morning, note that it's cold, and drag yourself out of bed. Over you wander to the thermostat, turn it to a modest heat. Without breaking stride, you go about your business. And you hear nothing. No tell-tale buzz from the boiler. You touch a radiator. Nothing! The boiler has given up the ghost.

You tell yourself comforting things. You don't need hot water, because the dishwasher, shower, and other appliances heat themselves. It's fine. But you know that eight hours later you'll be sitting shivering, the light from a halogen heater giving you a headache. Organise a boiler replacement or repair. You'll have to, eventually. Don't delay.

The Roof Is Leaking

Don't you love those mornings where you wake up and realise you don't have to work today? Especially when you hear the rain battering off the roof. And the window. And the ... is that the carpet it's hitting? Yes, your roof is leaking. The rain, which is supposed to stay outside, is coming inside instead. You can look around for a bucket all you want, but you know what you have to do. Call someone. If you don't, or try to do it yourself, it will get worse.

You Have Faulty Wiring

Every house has had the moment where too many things were plugged in and working at once, and the power cut out. The trip switch is your wiring's way of saying "Can I have a minute here?", and in those cases, you just need to run fewer appliances at once. But if it happens when you plug one item in, then you have a fault in your wiring. And that's a fault that will not be cured by time. Call an electrician ASAP, while it's just annoying. Left longer, it's dangerous.

The temptation to leave things is always there. It may be because you're busy, money is tight, or just because you don't feel like doing anything about a problem right now. But there are some cases where your house can't accept "at some point" as an answer. Accepting it, and not trying to work around those faults, is non-negotiable. Pick up the phone and brace yourself.

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