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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Malaysia is well known for being home to a wonderful mix of cultures from Europe, India, China, and Malay. And this beautiful country also offers a wonderful mix of cities and landscapes. It’s no wonder Malaysia has become a bucket-list vacation hotspot. It offers so much that you might find you have to come back time and again to see it all. And many people are falling in love with the little mixed-up country that has it all.

To experience to wonders of a multicultural city life with a hint of the exotic, you should head to Kuala Lumpur. A hotel in K.L. is a great option for accommodation while you are exploring all this city has to offer. Restaurants serving the very best of each culture can be found in Petaling Jaya just outside the central city area. But, of course, there are dozens of fun eateries in the markets, malls, and along the city streets. The Petronas Twin Towers are still a spectacle that can be enjoyed from the ground or within.

Beaches are part of any great vacation. Malaysia won’t disappoint. Many are part of popular resorts. Some of them are very high-end spa resorts, and others are more family oriented. But most of them are of an extraordinarily good standard, and offer plenty of activities by the water. Malaysia also comprises several exotic islands that can be explored or even rented. The Coral Triangle could offer you the best mix of creatures to see with its world-acclaimed high level of biodiversity.

The rainforests of Malaysia are incredible. Even if you’ve spent much of your time in a city like Kuala Lumpur, you’ll be keen to head further afield. After all, the monkeys scampering about the skyscrapers will pique your interest in their natural habitat! You can choose to take a tour that will offer you a safe route with plenty of detailed information about these magical areas. Or you might prefer to follow a trail you have your eye on.

There are plenty of attractions to enjoy in Malaysia, regardless of age or interest. Legoland Malaysia has its own distinct flavor celebrating the cultures of the region. There are a couple of outstanding golf courses that will delight. And you can even make the most of Oktoberfest here! Mt Kinabalu Via Ferrata is a delightful experience day out. You can enjoy it most if your fitness level is reasonable. And some of the views you can enjoy will be worth carrying a good camera for.

Batu Caves image from Flickr
The Batu Caves of Selangor is perhaps one of the most popular experiences. It is a must-see for those visiting Malaysia. You can spend an entire day enjoying this area. Monkeys scamper all around, and the Hindu flavor captivates your imagination. Wherever you might be staying in Malaysia, make an effort to mix up your excursions!

Malaysia is a wonderful place for unique experiences, flavors and views. It is the wonderful mix that has combined to create such a special culture and wonderful cities that appeals most. But remember to take in a mix of landscapes to truly appreciate Malaysia.

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