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Friday, September 16, 2016

People often say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and yet so many of us neglect it. We might have a quick bowl of cereal or piece of toast, or grab a banana on the way out the door. But how often do you take the time to have a nutritious breakfast that gives you the energy you need for the morning? Having a healthy breakfast that provides slow release energy is essential if you want to keep going until lunch, or at least until elevenses. However, feeling inspired over breakfast can be hard. Some people find it hard to stomach, and you're often short on time. If you want to improve your breakfasts, try these healthier ideas.

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Have Fun with Oats or Muesli

If you're looking for a breakfast that will keep you going all morning, oats could be your best bet. They'll provide you with energy throughout the morning to help you stay alert. Don't have time to make oatmeal in the morning? No problem! The latest craze is for overnight oats - oats soaked overnight in whatever liquid you like. It works especially well with yogurt, milk or even juice if you like. Then just add some fruits, nuts or other toppings in the morning.

Make More of Your Coffee

Morning coffee is a must-have for many people. Some health nuts might decide to give it up for a healthier breakfast. However, others say that there are great health benefits to drinking coffee. If you enjoy your coffee in the morning, don't feel like you just have to gulp down a cup before rushing out the door. You can do much more with your coffee, such as making a coffee smoothie. Instead of a plain cup of coffee, mix your coffee with fruit, nuts, and seeds. You can also use milk, yogurt or dairy alternatives. You can read more about coffee smoothies at and other websites like it. If you're not sure how to make one, there are plenty of recipes you can follow.

Take the Time to Cook

Quick breakfasts are most convenient, and they can be healthy too. But sometimes you want something hot and more substantial. Cooking your breakfast doesn't have to take you an hour. You could knock something up in 10 or 15 minutes. Try a healthy omelet or a breakfast burrito full of vegetables and healthy protein. Even pancakes and waffles can be healthy if you make them in the right way. In fact, you can make the traditional bacon and eggs a part of your healthy diet. If you cook yourself a substantial breakfast, you could keep going until lunch without needing a snack. Try sites such as for inspiration.

Try a Two-part Breakfast

Do you struggle to eat when you wake up? Sometimes your digestive system needs a little time to get going. It can help to kick start it with a drink or something light. Once it has woken up, you can have a proper breakfast. Try a smoothie, a piece of fruit or even just some tea, then take a more substantial breakfast to work with you.

Breakfast should be healthy, so don't settle for soggy cereal. Make the right choices and you'll feel more energized.

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