Why Even New Yorkers Need To Make Their Own Coffee Sometimes

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

I'm not sure that there is another city in the world as famous for its coffee as New York. Some of the best coffee shops are here and it really is part of the fabric of everyday life. But surprising even New Yorkers need to make their own coffee sometimes. Read on to find out why.


With a decent cup of joe costing $4-$5 dollars a pop, a coffee habit can be very expensive in Manhattan. Making yourself a coffee in the morning before your commute can save you upwards of $25 a week. That's at least $100 a month, which is the equivalent of a fantastic meal out or the price of a ticket for a Broadway show.


While New York is known as the city that never sleeps, it doesn't mean that you can't have a lazy day now and again. But what do you do if you have to head outside for your daily dose of coffee?

That why some people chose to have a decent single cup coffee maker in their apartments. It means that they can have a lazy brunch on the weekends without having to get dressed for the coffee run. Then their Netflix and chill time is not interrupted.


Another reason that many people choose to make coffee in their homes is for when they need it as part of a recipe. Food is a big deal in New York, whether you eat out or cook it yourself. Only the finest ingredients will do, and that includes using real coffee in any recipes that require it.

An excellent thing to make with coffee in is a coffee martini, perfect to drink at home while you are getting ready for a big night out. Or why not try a chocolate cake with coffee frosting next time someone near and dear to you has a birthday?

Better For the Environment

Grabbing a cup of coffee from a coffee shop isn't always the best thing for the environment either. Just think of all those disposable cups, lids and stirrers that get wasted after a single use every day!

Some people choose to have their own refillable coffee mug. But the more eco-conscious residents of Manhattan prefer to make their own and take it with them.

In addition, coffee grounds are ideal for growing your own vegetables at home on a balcony or rooftop garden. They are particularly useful for incubating mushrooms, so if you are a fungi fanatic getting your own coffee maker is a very good idea.

Supporting the little guy

Some that choose to prepare their own coffee at home, do so because they would prefer to financially support the little guy. Rather than spend their hard earned dollars lining the pockets of big chains.

By buying your beans online, you can support smaller cooperatives. This will ensure that your money's going towards fair trade projects which put into the communities and well as take from them.

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