Visiting Hungary - Part Two (Hortobágy area)

Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Hortobágy is considered to be the largest plain in Hungary. It is located in the Alföld region of Hungary. The area has about 342 different species of birds. It also is composed of Hungarian grey cattle, water buffaloes and horses that are tended by herdsmen right on the spot. I’ve been to Hungary several times before but this is the first time I’ve been to this part of the country. It’s absolutely breathtaking. Just see it for yourself…

Top 5 Attractions

KilencLyukú Hid (The nine hole bridge): this bridge is famous for having Petofi Sandor present there. Petofi Sándor is notably responsible for being Hungary’s national poet and played a great role in the Hungarian Revolution of 1848.

Go on a boat ride in the Hortobáyi River. The 2-hour boat ride offers a sense of the wild life in and out of the water. The boat ride is about 3,000 FT for adults. That is equivalent to about 10 dollars.

Visit the Hortobágyi Museum. The museum through videos and wax figures covers how the herdsmen lived on the plain for hundreds of years. The entrance fee is 1,000 FT for adults. That is equivalent to about 4 dollars.

Hortobágyi Museum
Watch a Hungarian horse show on the plain. For starters, visitors ride a safari bus onto the plain. There are free-living herds of rare Przewalski horses, eagles, vultures and even pelicans available to see. There are also available horse shows for visitors to see. The Hungarian cowboys or Csikosok are one of a kind. Now, I’m not just saying that just because I’m Hungarian. The riders ride the horses standing up, while they lead the front two horses.

Dine at the Hortobágyi Csardas/Restaurant. The Csardas provides authentic Hungarian food straight from the plain itself. This includes all the beef, pork and chicken. There also can be live Hungarian gypsy music available throughout the day.

Continuation of 5 more “Great Dishes to try in Hungary"

Toltott Paprika (Stuffed Paprika): My grandmother loves making this whenever I come visit her. It is paprika stuffed with meat and drenched with paprika sauce. Hungarians love their paprika ;)
Tejfolos Meggy Leves (Sour cherry soup): fruit soup with cherries. The liquid in the soup is also made from sour cherry and sour cream.
Halászle (Fish soup): paprika flavored soup made with carp fish.
Lángos: deep-fried flatbread that can be topped with either cheese or sour cream. 

Dessert of the week:

Kakaos/ Lekvaros/ Toros Palacsinta: chocolate, jelly or cottage cheese (sweetened with vanilla) crepes.

I look forward on seeing you next week with an article on Balaton (the Hungarian Riveria)!

And now let's enjoy the rest of Hungary Guides :

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