Turning Your Messy Heap Of A Bedroom Into A Zen Heaven

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

The bedroom is meant to be the place we can retreat, relax and doze off after a hard day. For a lot of us, it’s also our base of operations. It’s where we do our work, organize our life and generally lounge around in looking at cool stuff on the internet. Those two can clash. Life can hit your bedroom like a whirlwind. So hit back and make over the room to be both useful and that relaxing cove it should be.

Eliminating clutter

It doesn’t matter if your room is particularly small or if it has tons of space. It’s all too easy to get things cluttered up. If you’re not using your space wisely, you’re likely putting stuff wherever there’s a blank surface. Cluttered desks and stuffed drawers are not only ugly, but they can have a nasty effect on your mood. So think of clever ways to add more organized storage. Throw up a corkboard to keep all those bits and bobs you need. Consider multipurpose furniture, like using a bed with shelves in it. You can find loads of ways to add a bit more storage to your room.

Get more light in there

Another common problem with bedrooms is having a difficulty getting light in there. First, you need to maximize your natural light. Change your curtains from heavy drapes in the winter to transparent ones in the summer. Use hard blinds that can both shut out light effectively, as well as letting a lot more in. Make use of colour, too. Bright colours reflect light, which is exactly what you need if you’re unable to get much in in the first place.

Make space for sleep

If you’re not taking care of your bed, you’re doing it wrong. The more time you spend in it, the less comforting it feels. Make a separate space for when you want to do your work or browse internet junk. Take care of your bed first thing in the morning and change sheets often. Invest in some quality dressings for the bed, like bedding and mattress covers,for example. If you really want to go for the full luxury effect, consider adding something like a lavender scented pillow.

Make it a space you love

It’s not all about how useful the room is, either. You should also consider what the décor makes you feel. The bedroom is a place that only those you choose specifically are privy to. It’s your excuse to throw up the stuff you really love. It can be a collection of things you’re passionate about, family photos, movie posters or whatever you want. The point is to make every wall in your bedroom a place that’s a joy for you to look. Adding your personal touch is the psychological final step you need to make to really make it feel like your space.

The tips above should help you not only make your bedroom more gorgeous. It should also make it a lot more useful. Don’t stick with your messy den, make it into a room you really love.

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