Drinks That Can Help You Lose Weight And Improve Your Health

Monday, August 15, 2016

As you might already know, sugary drinks are the biggest offender when it comes to weight gain. Fizzy drinks like Cola, milkshakes and energy drinks contribute a lot to weight gain, and can also cause health problems. You might not realize how many calories one serving can pack. They can also be addictive and cause damage to your teeth.

The best thing to do with unhealthy drinks is to cut them out, or only drink them from time to time. So what should you be drinking instead? Here are some of the healthiest drinks you can have.

Coconut Water

In the past few years, drinking coconut water has become a big health trend. Thanks to the electrolytes it provides, many people use it as an alternative to sports drinks. The sweet, coconut flavour also makes it highly enjoyable.

Try replacing fizzy drinks and energy drinks with pure coconut water. Pure coconut water can keep you energized for longer and help you cut back on calories.

Natural Juices And Smoothies

Juices and smoothies available in stores are often packed with sugar and other additives. But making your own can actually be healthy!

Get a juicer or a blender to quickly start trying your own healthy smoothie recipes. You don’t have to follow a recipe either- you can try pretty much anything you want. Just mix some of your favourite fruit with some liquid until it’s smooth enough to drink. Using milk or yoghurt can add some extra protein, but using water can save on calories.

Adding ice can make a smoothie into the perfect summer cool-down drink. It also gives you plenty of vitamins and minerals by filling you up with your five-a-day in one quick serving.

Green Tea

Many people like a daily fix of caffeine. However, hot drinks at coffee shops and cafes are often packed with extra sugar and calories, making them an unhealthy way to get a caffeine boost.

The best alternative is green tea. A pack of green tea bags is very cheap so as well as giving you a healthy dose of caffeine from home, it can also save you a ton of money on hot drinks.

Green tea has been found to stimulate your brain, increase fat burning, prevent illnesses and even lower your risk of cancer. It’s one of the healthiest beverages you can have, so if you like your hot drinks have a green tea every morning.


It’s cheap, tastes good and bottles are available everywhere. Milk has a range of benefits, improving your teeth, bones, blood pressure and reducing risk of many illnesses.

A serving of milk can also provide you with a high dose of protein, making it ideal for exercise enthusiasts. If you want to lower your calories, go with skimmed milk instead of full-fat, but every kind of milk has its benefits.


Of course, one of the healthiest things you can drink is plain old water. It’s generally recommended to drink half a gallon of water a day, or 2 litres. Drinking more water prevents dehydration and keeps your body running well. Plus, it’s always available as long as you have running water!

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