Cutting Edge Beauty Treatments That Only Take A Lunch Hour

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Ever feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day? Sometimes you want a weekend of pampering, but other times it would also be great to tick off those beauty essentials mid week too. Along with beauty tricks you can try at home, there are lots of innovative treatments available in salon that take less than an hour. Why not turbo-charge your beauty regime with cutting edge spa and rejuvenation treatments that you can fit into your lunch hour?

Beautiful Blow-Out

A good blow-out can last at least three or four days. Fit one in on your Monday lunch hour and you’ll have a lot less hair styling trouble for the rest of the week. You'll also be saving time on your morning beauty regime. You’ll find excellent blow dry bars in most cities. It doesn’t take more than half-an-hour to achieve a glamorous hairstyle that will leave you bouncing out of the salon. Salons such as fashion stylist Rachel Zoe’s Dream Dry offer plenty of different super quick services. These include a regular blowout, a blowout and braids and an express blow-out, which doesn’t even require a hair wash. If you have an evening event to go to, you can even use your lunch hour to get a glam new style that will take you through the night. They never shared this kind of valuable info on 'Sex and the City'!

No More Humps: Non-invasive Rhinoplasty

Are you unhappy with your nose but don’t want to go under general anaesthetic? If so, you might want to consider lunch-hour non surgical rhinoplasty. If you keep running your finger over a certain bump or groove, this could be the answer to getting rid of that ridge! This quick and easy procedure uses injectable fillers to smooth out bumps and only takes about 15 minutes. It can’t make your nose smaller but it can visibly reduce any irritating ridges, and it straightens out crooked or asymmetrical noses. The results are permanent. So one lunch hour and you’re done. It’s a great option if you’re pretty happy with your nose but you just have a little niggle.

Banish Those Frowns Lines: Botox

The brooding look may work for Johnny Depp, but no one really wants to walk around with a permanently furrowed brow. If you’ve got a strong frown lines, crows feet, or forehead lines, Botox is your cure. This non-invasive treatment takes no longer than 30 minutes and can last up to six months. Most celebrities use Botox, and the results are truly phenomenal. The great thing about Botox? No one will know you popped out in your lunch hour for treatment. There are no tell-tale signs and no recovery period needed. This discreet procedure is the perfect lunch hour rejuvenation treat. If you excessively sweat under your armpits, Botox can also be used here to block the sweat glands. Many A-Listers have this procedure before red carpet events. This treatment can last up to nine months and is really effective.

Sizzling Hot Spray Tan

Feeling a little on the pale side? We’re huge advocates of luminous skin, but sometimes you just want that sizzling beachy look. If you haven’t got time to spend two weeks on St Barts, grab a spray tan in your lunch hour instead. Once you’ve got over the whole debacle of paper ‘spa’ pants, we guarantee you’ll get addicted. A full body spray tan takes about fifteen minutes. It’s the perfect lunch hour treatment. You can generally select the shade you want, from one to four. If you’re in a booth, just remember to turn when required (no one wants a Ross from 'Friends' incident). At St. Tropez tan will be applied by a therapist but should still only take about twenty minutes. By the time you get home, your bronzed goddess status will be well on its way to cooking.

Doe-Eyed Lash Lift and Dye

Eyelash extensions may still be on-trend, but they’re kind of obviously not your own and they can cause eyelash breakage. One of the best treatments you can get for a seriously awesome doe-eyed look is a Lash Lift. An LVL Lash treatment lifts your lashes some 90 degrees creating curl and length like never before. This innovative technique doesn’t harm your natural lashes at all. And the best thing? Those lashes are all your own. The procedure takes about 45 minutes, includes a lash dye and lasts about two months. Get the Bambi look in your lunch hour and we guarantee you won’t be able to stop fluttering your lashes all afternoon. 

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