Visiting Hungary - Part One (Szentendre Area)

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Hungary is a central European country; surrounded by Romania, Slovakia, Austria, Slovenia and Ukraine. The Magyars founded the country officially in 896 AD. So, you could imagine how rich the culture, history and the traditions are. I consider myself to be Hungarian American; as my Hungarian-born parents immigrated to the US thirty years ago. Usually, I visit Hungary every year and I’ve seen many important sites there before. However, don’t let the small size of Hungary fool you. Every year, I still manage to see new aspects of the country.

To get started, the benefit of the doubt is to have relatives outside of the capital. It really helps me get a genuine taste of Hungary. Therefore, I recommend to all people to be bold enough to venture out of Budapest.

For the next few weeks, I will be talking about different regions in Hungary…

First, I began my visit to Hungary in Szentendre. Szentendre is about 30 minutes by car from Budapest and 1 hour by mass transit. Many different European countries due to the many settlers like Croatia, Germany and Slovakia influenced the architecture of this town. I recommend staying in the town for at least three days.

Just take a look at how beautiful it is. It looks just like a little dream town…. 


Top 3 Attractions 

  • Go on a boat ride on the Danube River to Visegrad/ Budapest. Prices range for 4,500FT for adults on a round trip. That is equivalent to about 15 USD dollars.
Danube River Boat Ride
  • Visit Szentendre Skanzen Museum. This museum allows visitors to see how Hungarians lived back in the day by visiting old country homes.
Szentendre Skanzen Museum

  • If you want to taste authentic Hungarian cuisine, I recommend you to go to the Rab Rabby Restaurant (located in the heart of Szentendre). The entire restaurant is also filled with old Hungarian antique items like bells, old pictures, old hardware items, instruments and stoves.
Rab Rabby Restaurant

TOP 5 Hungarian cuisines that is a must try is:

  • Hortobágyi Palacsinta: which is a crepe filled with beef

  • Csirke/Sertes/Marha Porkolt: which is a stew drenched in paprika. Choices can vary with different meat such as chicken, pork or beef.

  • Hungarian Goulash: paprika filled soup with meat and potatoes
  • Somloi Galuska: sponge chocolate cake with whip cream

Prices are affordable. Usually, the Euro is very expensive. However, Hungary still uses forints. So, Hungarian prices are much cheaper to any European country that uses the Euro.

I look forward on seeing you next week with an article on the countryside of Hungary!

And now let's enjoy the rest of Hungary Guides :

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