Turn Your Attic into a Stylish Man Cave

Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Attics used to be used as a storage space for family heirlooms and excess furniture and a nightmare for when you are spring cleaning. Today, they are being transformed into guest rooms, play rooms and even man caves. How awesome would it be to have your own little space to relax, hang out with the guys, watch sports and just do whatever? The man cave will be in the attic space, so your wife will allow you to decorate however you like and the kids will stay away because, well, who wants to go all the way up to the attic? 

Attics are often not the same shape as other rooms in the home. They can be much larger and depending on the type of house you live in, may have pitched ceilings. Use this odd shape to your advantage to create the ultimate man cave. 

You may need to add extra insulation if you live somewhere that is very cold in the winter. You may need to add extra insulation if you live somewhere that is very cold in the winter. 

If you pitched ceilings, you can place a large screen TV in the center of the wall where the other two walls meet. Or, if you have room, you can place the TV at the bottom of where the pitch starts. Place couches on the side walls and do upholstery cleaning to set them up. Or, scatter chairs, bean bags, etc.. in front of the TV. You can enjoy sports games here with the guys and it will make the room and wall space appear larger. 

You can try building a small bar along the section where you can comfortably stand. Place chairs along the walls where you can't stand. Then, nobody will have to crouch. 

Attics usually do not have many windows. Because of the location, adding a window or two will allow natural light to flow in. This natural light will help to make the attic appear larger. 

If you have books or other collections, you can build different size shelves to fit nicely on the walls of your man cave. Use an all-purpose cleaner from water and vinegar to brush off problematic spots and set the shelves for use. 

Paint the walls a color of your choice and hang pictures or signs on the walls to give it your personal touch. After all, this room is going to be your escape from work, the wife, the kids, and everyday life.  

Finish the whole thing with a thorough deep cleaning using normal home cleaners, or, if you feel too lazy, get some cleaning services to do it for you. And now the man cave is finished. Enjoy its gifts!

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