Interactive Creative Tech Week NYC 2016

Monday, May 02, 2016

Creative Tech Week, is the brainchild of Isabel Draves, also known as the premier nexus for creativity and engineering worldwide, in New York City where it belongs and they collectively showcasing their best commercial, artistic and institutional achievements and creating space for diverse industry professionals to meet and discover the most cutting edge, groundbreaking work being done today. Creative Tech Week also bringing candidates, companies, jobs, job training, tourism, beautification and economic development to the city while providing artists, museums, universities and arts organizations with new audiences and funding opportunities.

Isobar EyeSelfie, which is a way of taking a selfie of your iris with high resolution and projected onto surfaces. 

Creative Technology is culture, passion, design, and art with a software-based, electronic and/or data-driven engine. Our mission is to highlight New York City as the top destination in America for Creative Technology, surface the best new developments in the field, and provide a nexus for a global network of creative technologists. 

Anna Ku (middle), Isabel Draves (middle right)

Event week locations will consist of four main hubs in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens, as well as satellite events throughout the five boroughs. The event week, starting Friday April 29 and running through Sunday May 8, will feature creative technology showcases, public installations, industry talks, art fairs; participatory, interactive and immersive experiences; hackathons, game jams, job fairs, educational workshops, artist forums, studio visits, networking events, institutional tours, expert panels, theatrical performances, concerts, parties & more!

Creative Tech Week dream team
Ksenia Newton, Anna Ku (IsoBar), Jessica Sophia Wong

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