11 Things to See at NYCxDesign Week

Monday, May 23, 2016

11 things to see at ICFF, Brooklyn Design and Wanted Design during NYCxDesign Week 2016

Molo Design - An award winning design and manufacturing studio based in Vancouver, Canada.

Stickbulb was co-founded in 2012 by RUX Founder and Creative Director Russell Greenberg, and Partner Christopher Beardsley. Inspired by a pile of long linear wooden cut-offs in their workshop, RUX designers challenged themselves to develop a truly sustainable lighting system.

Jeff Goodman Studio has attracted international recognition for the elegance of its modern blown glass vessels, large-scale installations and innovative architectural glass. Every piece created is one-of-a-kind and hand-made by JGS team in their Toronto studio.

Reclaimed woods bring together material, history and design and can provide generations of enjoyable use. SawKill Lumber work combines traditional craftsmanship and modern techniques, specializing in unconventional applications and cutting edge projects.

With years of manufacturing and industrial design experience, the founders established Koncept in 2002 to design and develop innovative products for home and business. The company has since developed a line of elegant LED lamps and lighting elements with the discriminating consumer in mind. 

OLEDs, Organic Light-Emitting Diodes, offer unparalleled lighting solutions. The lightweight, ultra-flat, glare-free, shadow-free and heat-free technology can be used to create inspiring designer indoor or outdoor light fixtures. "With no shadows, glare, or heat, OLED fixtures provide soft, flattering and welcoming light. The romantic lighting, when incorporated into dramatic designs, creates a breathtaking display hardly accessible to other electronic lighting options," said Alessandro Dolcetta, Co-Founder of BLACKBODY.

HEdesignhki turns functional objects into an aesthetic value, driven by desire to improve the world around us by evoking imagination with everyday products. Heidi and Elisa together have a multi-faced style. But as Finnish interior architects and designers, Scandinavian simplicity in design plays a central role in all their work

Tarek ElKassouf is a Lebanese designer based in Beirut who creates in three disciplines: Architecture, Urban Planning and Product/Fur- niture Design. His work is inspired by Middle Eastern geometric patterns and is often spliced with futuristic parametric design. 

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The company Arturo Alvarez was created in 1994, dedicated to the design and manufacture of decorative lighting for homes and commercial installations. 

Justin Donnelly produces architectural designs that are inspired by geometry and driven by industrial manufacturing processes.  He received a Bachelor of Arts from Stanford University and a Master’s of Architecture from the University of Maryland. Justin launched his eponymous design firm in 2013.

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Modern simplicity and old-world craftsmanship mark the highest quality of custom furniture for design + build company Naula Workshop. Since 2002, founder and creative director Angel Naula has brought together a group of artisans and designers to create a workshop that thrives on the idea that, at its inception, each piece is of its own unique design.

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