Dear Millennials, It’s You, Not The City - An Open Letter to Talia Jane.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Dear Stefanie Williams @StefWilliams25: 

Your feedback ( was flawless.
Dear Talia Jane:
After reading your article ( about a millennial struggle working in the bay area, I felt for you, but I was seeing a pattern string of whining. There are certain professions out there started out with 20 -30k per year for fresh graduated, unfortunately working in customer support is one of them.
Life is about making choices and at a prime age of 25 years old, single and college educated female, you are having more selections than other people could only dream of. Instead of writing down all your struggles in a webblog and addressed to your boss, perhaps if you really dislike your job or city, why don’t you quit, or search for a part time gigs over the weekend to help with finances or simply move away.
The earth will not stop spinning, the trains will not stop running. You have to find a way to make it work if you want to stick around in the bay area to join the big league, otherwise life can be a lot easier somewhere else, take your chances. But my advise, don’t put down Yelp in your resume, the letter you wrote to the CEO of Yelp will always be a stain in your professional life and it will stay on the internet forever.
What is struggle?
More than eight million children under 6 live in approximately 49,000 slums across India and a new report ‘Forgotten voices- the world of urban #children living in India’ released today does a reality check saying that they are becoming increasingly vulnerable to a variety of risks. Photo copyright: #sillydrunkfish @peopleera
Photo copyright: #sillydrunkfish @peopleera
1) 50% of Indians don’t have proper shelter.2) 70% don’t have access to decent toilets (which inspires a multitude of bacteria to host their own disease party. Photo copyright: #sillydrunkfish @peopleera

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