Navy is the New Black

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Unfortunately, summer is at a close and we’re starting to pack away our shorts and summery dresses, replace our sandals with boots and swap all the florals and bright colors for dark and rich shades of blues, browns, burgundies, greens and grey.

However, not is all doom and gloom. Although the sunny summer days have gone (brief though they were), it’s now time to show off your style with gorgeous jackets, beautiful boots, stylish hats, knitted jumpers and eye catching scarves. Now is the time to check out all the autumn fashions, find what you like the most and start to invest!

As the autumn collections have started to come out in high streets, cat walks, high end designers, online stores and boutiques, the fashion world is your oyster! From what we’ve picked up so far, it would seem that yet again, the classic navy is still the favorite for autumn fashion lines. Whilst navy has always been a relatively timeless color, it would seem that in last couple of years, the beautiful color has spiked in popularity amongst designers and consumers alike. 

It’s not difficult to determine why navy is such a popular color for clothes, boots, shoes and other accessories. Navy on its own is a rich and lovely color that also hides dirt well. When combined with other colors, it goes exceptionally well with denim, bright colors and compliments white particularly well. Not only is navy an autumn and winter favorite though, it has also proven to be a big hit with the summer and spring collections and still shows no signs of letting up.

So where to buy these navy items from and what style to buy them in? As previously stated, all of the fashion shops are stocking up on navy everything for the coming autumn and winter. However, obviously not all stores are good quality and not every store has what you’re looking for. More recently, I have found that when searching for an item of clothing that is the height of fashion, in order to stay unique and individual, it’s best to turn to online shopping. Like a lot of other women, I don’t enjoy having the same items of clothes as my friends, nor do I like spending money on rubbish quality products. This is precisely why I do my research so thoroughly when looking to buy new clothes.

From my recent research for classy, good quality navy items of clothing, I came across a gorgeous online store called ‘The Spanish Boot Company’ ( who, unlike their name suggests, does stock more than just lovely boots! They specialize in country and equestrian wear that is at the height of sophistication and quality. Here, I found several pairs of beautiful navy boots in a variety of heights as well as navy jackets and other shoes. I was blown away by the perfect tailoring and design of their products and they managed to get me out of my post summer slump and excited about getting my autumn wardrobe together!

So it would seem that for another year running, navy is still the new black.

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