Color blocking with Hosiery

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Color blocking is a new craze that everyone should love! This amazing new trend allows you to wear two or more colors in blocks or bright shades. This very bright oh so chic look is this year’s summer – fall fashion must have to brighten those cold dreary days that are heading our way.

You may remember your fluorescent wardrobe from the 60s or maybe the late 80s when color blocking was at its height of popularity and are cringing and the thought of it being back in fashion. However, the new modern twist that designers have created, will have you pulling out some of your old pieces from your mum’s attic and trust me when I say this; you will be glad she made you hold onto them.

Designers first brought this hot new trend out in their spring collections and since the public and press had fallen head over heels for this look they decided to carry it on through to their fall collections. Retailers are going even crazier for this trend and are stocking up their rails as we speak.

As the color blocking trend is not the easiest of trends to pull off, we wanted to show you how you can do it right and with hosiery! The examples that I am going to show you of my personal favorite pantyhose will have you running to grab a pair right now.

There are three ways you can go about creating a successful color blocking look.

Option A: Monochromatic: where you choose one color for the entire outfit but in different shades. This can also be done with two colors but only white and black.
Option B: Separates: This option is more fun as you can mix 2-4 different colors in blocks and sections.
Option C: Stand-Alone: This is the lazy (aka the easy) option where you have one color blocked piece of clothing or accessory where all the color blocking work has been done for you.

Monochromatic color blocking has got to be my favorite type of color blocking as I find it to be the easiest and simplest look to pull off this amazing new trend. If you are not really into color blocking as you find it too loud and crazy and you’re looking for a simpler look then this is the best option for you to go with. As you only use one color, all you have to do is pick your favorite color and match it with lighter shades of the same color to pull this look off – but how would this work with hosiery? Pantyhose are very versatile and you can get many that are very subtly color blocked which are mainly in black and skin tone shades. 

We came across an amazing hosiery seller called Fiore Direct USA who specialize in a range of different pantyhose. There are many subtle ways that you can do monochromatic color blocking with hosiery, here are a few of our favorite examples that we have taken from their website: 

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