A Historical Tour of Sydney

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

There are those who travel the world in search for wonderful landscapes and beautiful wonders of nature. Then there are those who judge the touristic value of a place based on the vivacity of its nightlife. However, there are also those who travel to discover different lands and cultures and who are interested in what caused these distant civilizations to be so different. For these people, nothing is more important than the history of the place they visited and its curious landscapes.

When it comes to this, we could safely say that Sydney is a place like no other. Although the history of this magnificent Pacific faced city is less than three centuries old, this city has a lot to offer to its more historically- oriented visitors. Here is a short list of spots and locations that no man or woman passionate about history of this incredible and unique place can afford to miss.

Nepean Dam

We should start with a recent history and take a moment to admire this marvel of 20th century Australian architecture. This architectural wonder is Nepean Dam, the smallest of dams designed for water collecting from the Illawarra Plateau south of the city. Although this dam is incredible on its own, what makes it even more unique is the fact that since recently it is open for those who want to walk across it. Apart from offering you a once upon a lifetime experience, a brief walk across this dam offers you an opportunity to observe some of the most incredible sights there are.

Sphinx Memorial

Do not miss out on the opportunity to visit this monument to the victims of the First World War. Made by the surviving soldier of this bloodiest of all wars, this memorial serves as a memento of all the lives lost in the war as well as of the heroic and glorious bearings of the brave ANZAC troops. Somewhere amidst these cold rock statues learn about the event when for the very first time in history that the great nation of Australia tried its hand in shaping the world events.

Chose the theme of your stay

Although there are many things to see and experience in Sydney regarding the history of the place, this can also be achieved even in something as simple as choosing the right place of lodging for your stay. Here, perhaps the greatest idea might be to opt for accommodation in Randwick, and stay in one of Sydney’s most beautiful suburbs and better yet in a proper Victorian building. This boutique hotel is a redecorated Victorian building from 1888, and should therefore be perfect for the spirit of your stay.

St Stephens Anglican Church

Of course, finish your grand historical tour of Sydney with a visit to a legendary St Stephens Anglican Church. This church was established in 1837 and is as such 14th oldest church in whole of Australia. Speaking of tradition and national identity this glorious structure stands second to none. Another thing that this church is widely recognizable for is its authentic gothic style unlike any other you will encounter in Australia.

Enjoy your stay in Australia and try to learn as much about its past as you can. This will ensure that you will understand its present better and it will surely enhance your stay there. For this purpose, any or all of the places listed above are just ideal.

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