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Tuesday, May 05, 2015

I love taking pictures, from the building down on the block or the flower blossom on the street, I just love photography. (You can check out my gallery up there) Therefore I come across this amazing photo management free app ...

You’ve got thousands of photos you love, now they’ll all fit on your phone regardless of storage capacity. Lyve is the free service that optimizes all of your photos so they’ll fit on your phone. So if you’ve got 150,000+ photos on your computer, now you can take them all with you on your phone.

You can then protect this entire photo collection with one of several Lyve smart storage solutions. With a Lyve smart storage solution, all of your photos and videos are backed-up automatically to a local storage drive, giving you personal protection as well as the freedom to delete any photos and videos from your camera roll on your phone freeing up valuable space.

The Lyve App: Free and can be installed on the following platforms: iOS, Android, Mac, PC, Kindle. The app consolidates all your photos and videos scattered across multiple devices into a single app for viewing across all those devices. Organized by date in a beautiful, simple timeline. Continuously imports photos and videos from Dropbox, GoogleDrive, iPhoto and selected desktop photos. Can easily share photos and videos on Facebook and Twitter as well as message or email.
Photos at your fingertips via the Lyve app ...

Moments Past Function: The Lyve app for iOS and Android devices includes a feature called “Moments Past” which displays front and center on the main screen all the photos or videos from a specific day, week or month from the pas years (the more photos and videos in your library, the farther back it will go, evoking memories that are sometimes long forgotten). Once all of the files are synced into the Lyve app., the Memories Past feature bubbles up photos and videos from this day, week or month from years past, reminding storytellers of memorable moments that they can easily share with family and friends.

Lyve Home: The LyveHome 2 Terabyte smart storage drive securely and safely backs up all your photos and videos on an always connected drive that automatically syncs all new photos taken with your phone, tablet, etc. With the Lyve Home storing the original files securely, you can delete originals from your phone, freeing up valuable space on your phone while having access to the full resolution photos at any time on any device. *You do not need to have a LyveHome device in order to use the Lyve app.

Lucky for you, the app is FREE. It’s easy to use and seamlessly syncs digital files across all Lyve connected devices. Here’s how to get started:

  1. Download the free mobile app for iPhone or Android and create an account with Lyve.
  2. Download the free desktop version on your Mac or PC and sign in with the same account.
  3. Upload photos from your computer to the desktop version. All the photos from your devices will automatically sync. This means they can be accessed on both mobile and desktop applications. Scroll through your photos and share past snaps with friends using #memorylane.

Follow steps 1-3 above to be entered to win a Lyve Home smart storage drive. The drive automatically uploads new photos taken with your phone, tablet, etc and it securely and safely backs up 2 terabytes worth of photos and videos. With the Lyve Home storage drive, you have access to the full resolution photos at any time and on any device. Giveaway ends at 5/19/2015. Good Luck!

 Thank you to Lyve for sponsoring today’s post and inspiring me to try the Lvve app and service!

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  1. I downloaded the app and shared as bransonmerrill on instagram :)

  2. Great Branson! Did you shared your pics using the #memorylane?

  3. I did! Just curious... has giveaway winner been announced yet? mattandbranson(at)gmail(dot)com

    1. Dear Branson, the winner had been announced! I'm sorry you didn't get to win this time but I hope you enjoyed the app!

      Follow us to stay ahead with our next giveaways!


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