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Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Keeping old and useless stuff in the closet and other places of your house can deprive you from valuable free space in which you can store your new things. It is not enough just to put your old possessions away because sooner or later you will have to go through them again. As you continue to buy new stuff, you may realise that the organisation of all of your things is becoming harder due to the lack of enough free space. The solution is hiding in the immediate deep cleaning of your property which will definitely make a difference in the domestic environment of your home.

One thorough cleaning of your apartment or house will help you get your old and new things in order, and the best thing is that you can do it yourself in a time which is most convenient for you. Through this cleaning process you will have the chance to rediscover some old objects for which you have forgotten, decide which of your belongings you can keep and which ones you can toss out. The best thing about this premature spring cleaning is that you will have the opportunity to get creative and make new interesting objects for your home, spending no money and using only your old possessions are saying from Battersea Loft Conversion.

You will probably find your inner inspiration after you look over the clever ideas which we are about to give you. You can use all sorts of materials which you think that will be appropriate for your projects. This way you will not only give new life to your old things but you will also protect the environment by throwing out less stuff.

  • Hook from a binder – If you find an old binder somewhere in your home, you can use part of it as a hook on which you can put your towels, pictures and other things that come to your mind. After a small modification, you can attach the hook to the wall and it will be ready for use.

  • Cotton holder from an old whisk – There is really nothing easier that turning an old whisk into a cotton holder. Just wash the tool, if its dusty or dirty, and fill it with cotton balls. You can put it in your bathroom or in any other room you like, so that you can have easy access to cotton every time you need it.

  • New Olive oil pour spout from rubber – If you often buy Olive oil in plastic bottles, then you will love this idea. All you need is a pair of rubber gloves, preferably new ones for your safety, to which you have to cut one of the fingers. Then you can put a hole on the tip of the piece. Depending on the size of your Olive oil bottle, you can place the rubber finger on it and use it instead of pour spout.

  • A picture holder from old candle containers – If you manage to find some old candle containers, preferably metal ones, you can cut them in half and glue the two parts together. This can make a perfect holder for your pictures, notes and other things.

  • Painting brush as a door stopper – You don't have to spend money for the purchasing and installation of a door stopper in your home because now you can make one yourself. You just need a bigger painting brush which you can clean and then attach to the wall which is right behind the door. Make sure that you bend the upper part of the brush before you attach the handle, so that your door can always hit the soft part.

  • Earmuffs from tennis balls – Instead of tossing out your old tennis balls, you can make great earmuffs from them. Simply cut the ball in half and connect the two parts with a metal piece. Now your ears will be always protected.

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