Fun Things Your Kids Would Love To Have In Their Bedroom

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

For children, their bedroom is often their playpen and the place that they spend the most time. It's important to create a fun and comfortable space that allows them to develop properly and feel at home in their own special place. There are plenty of fun items and tools to include in the room that will work to be a special part of their childhood.

Art Easel

Allow your child to get artistic with an easel right in their room that they can draw on with several different materials. Many different easels convert into chalkboards, dry erase boards, and even offer paper canvases for a great way to draw, paint, and play right in the comfort of their room.

Decorative Beds
For girls, a canopy bed can make them feel like a princess with the beautiful fabric and colors that are used for a truly elegant piece of furniture. They can enjoy feeling safe in the partially enclosed area that includes plenty of draping and fabric.

Large kids headboards can also be used for a dramatic look that will make the bed appear larger and work as the focal point of the room. Elegant tufted headboards are ideal for girls, as rustic wood or checked patterns can be used for boys.

Boys also prefer beds that look like real race cars or pirate ships for an imaginative accessory in the room that is fun to play on, as well as sleep in.

Road Rug

A large road rug is the perfect way to furnish a child's room as it will allow them to play on the area rug with their toy cars and interact with a toy town that is easy to navigate. Kids can enjoy playing on the floor without getting bored while using their imagination for a great way to keep them entertained.

Toy Kitchen

One of the most enjoyable activities for kids is playing house where they can be adults and have fun cooking, cleaning, and having responsibilities. A toy kitchen that is their size will allow them to play with toy food and cooking tools for a fun way to enjoy the domestic life.

Piano Toy Mat

A piano toy mat is an extremely fun way to have fun musically, which allows kids to step on separate keys to make songs. It allows them to get active when stepping on eight separate instrument keys for a classic toy that can be used by multiple kids all at the same time.

Whether using a toy car town rug to furnish the floor or adding a toy kitchen to a kid's bedroom, there are a number of ways to create a fun and enjoyable space for kids to enjoy spending time in.

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  1. I'd love to give my baby painting materials if she's into it, but I'd definitely give her my collection of cds and my own playlist.. cause there's no way I'd let my baby girl to idolize the likes of 1D and JB.
    Awesome list by the way, and I'd definitely get her canopy bed.


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