4 Creative Ways to Promote Your Business Via Social Media

Friday, August 23, 2013

Social media has changed the way the world uses the internet, finds information and interacts with friends. And for businesses, social media has changed the way the find, attract and retain customers. Social media is easy to access on your mobile device or tablet, but it can also be very fun and more entertaining than old methods of communicating. If you are a business looking to attract customers in a unique way, here are 4 creative ways to promote your business via social media. 

    1. Videos

Applications like Vine have allowed companies to make very short clips about their business and post them on social media sites for their followers. Although the clips are only 6-seconds long, that is just enough time to provide information to your customer base. If you are about to release a new product, you can use the time as a way to send out a teaser to customers. If you are having an upcoming sale, you can simply put the information in the video and your customers can inquire to find out more. Or if you simply just want to be a bit goofy to connect with your clients, you can do that as well. No matter your purpose, Vine is a great way to connect with clients and have a bit of fun doing it.
    1. Customer Feedback

Whatever your preferred method of social media is, make sure that you allow customer feedback on your wall or page. As a business, you obviously can’t control what customers say about your service. But if they say something good, people will quickly see that and it will add to your reputation. That said, if someone posts something bad, you can quickly rectify the situation, which customers will also see that you have the compassion and a desire to make sure your customers are very happy.
    1. Polls and Surveys

Use social media to find out what your customers actually want. If you are a business that likes Facebook, you can use the built in API to make polls of what your customers may like to see with your company. If you prefer Twitter, you can use hash tags to see what trends are hot and use that information in your favor. A company like GroSocial.com can also help you track your customer information and provide them with resources that will make them be much happier with your services.
    1. Discounts

People love to save money. With your business, use social media to share discounts and deals that people will save people money. You can use a website like TheCouponMaker.com to share coupons with your customers, but then they can also share them to their own customer base as well. This method of advertising is great because your clients do all of the work for you, but it can quickly build your customer base.

If you aren’t using social media, you are missing out on great opportunities to expand your business. Consider implementing the tips on this list to expand your business and interact with your customers.

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