Need More Space 5 Ways to Create More Space Around the Home

Thursday, July 25, 2013

If your home or apartment is beginning to feel cramped, you can make more space without having to pay a contractor to knock down walls or build new closets. Use the space in your present dwelling place in an efficient manner, and you may find it surprising to learn that you have not been taking full advantage of every corner and cranny. One easy solution is to take advantage of storage units or units in your local area, that provide you with more space in which to store numerous items. If storage units are not an option financially, or if there isn't one close by, then pay attention the content below.
    1. Make the most out of your bedroom closet

If you have tons of clothes and shoes invading your closet, you can buy a closet organizer that will transform your unorganized bedroom closet into an organized and efficient room. If the closet organizer does not take care of the entire problem, store excess shirts, pants, skirts and dresses in zipped plastic bags. You can find bags that flatten out to release air. Place several bags in a neat, layered piles, and label each bag so you can find items when you are rushed for time.
    1. Add practical end tables to your bedroom

Look for end tables with one or more drawers in which you can store reading materials, a wristwatch and eyeglasses. An end table without drawers does not provide you with the practical solution of creating additional space. When you need to make the most out of limited square feet, buy furniture that offers practicality in addition to style.
    1. Decorate your home with corner furniture

You can find all types of furnishings designed to fit neatly into corners. Whether you need a corner dresser or cabinet, take advantage of every available corner in each room. When you arrange furniture into corners, you will discover that you have an amazing amount of floor space at your disposal.
    1. Take advantage of using a few bookshelves

Store books and small decorative items on bookshelves instead of placing piles of your favorite novels on the living room floor. Find a bookshelf with built-in drawers that expand your storage capacity.
    1. Rearrange your kitchen cupboards

Organize your cupboards. Place your spice bottles on one corner of a shelf, your cereal boxes in another area, and cans of soup on another shelf. Add hooks on the exteriors of your shelves.

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