How to Form the Habits of Success

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Many professional recruiters learn that the most place able candidate and hence the most likely fee, is the one with most desire to be placed. That is because desire is the energy that can make things happen and leads to success, whatever comes in the way.

A career coach helps to establish their clients' desire. Clients often have a degree of satisfaction in their job, but they are not fully satisfied. They still feel a degree of frustration. This frustration is part of their unconscious not having its needs addressed. If you feel this way it means that you are not working in the ideal position yet have a few of the elements present.

Your destiny is to move on, but first you need to know where to go. On an individual basis it is quite easy to help someone find their true desire. It is quite warming for a professional coach or trainer to see their faces light up with passion as their true desire clicks into place and the energy builds. It is a powerful force.

Many of these people want to be entrepreneurs. I think they already are, and just need a little help to get to the next stage. These desires that hold you back are of two types.

The first type comes under the heading of fears: fears about it going wrong, losing your house, and not getting your job back, the unknown. Lack of self-confidence is in this category. The second category of desires, the enemy to the entrepreneur, is for short-term gratification. You have to take control of your desires to grow to your potential as an entrepreneur.

- What desires do you have that are keeping you from your dreams?
- What weaknesses do you have that are keeping you from your dreams?
- From the above, decide what action you have to take. You need no advice from me here; you will know what has to be done.

How to reprogram your habit so that it automatically achieves your goals for you:
1. Write down all the habits that you would like to change. Include those that you know are a waste of money, time or other resources, for example smoking, drinking, watching too much television, getting up late, spending to make yourself feel good, avoiding exercise, worry, talking yourself into a negative state.
2. Write down the habits that you would like, for example: regular exercise, thrift, opportunity spotting, opportunity developing, being positive when you need to be.

Here is a formula to stop a bad habit:
- Do something different every time it comes up.
- Remind yourself of your goals and dreams.
Here is a formula for forming a habit:
- Think of something you love doing.
- Take those feelings and now think of the new habit, focusing on the long-term benefits.
- Bring those images that come to mind closer and closer.
- Do it consciously seven times in a row.
- Now do it seven more.
- It is now in your unconscious.

This is how young people learn to smoke cigarettes. The first few times they cough and feel sick; as they are determined to fit in with their peer group they persevere. Forming habits is really simple; just make sure that you form good ones.
Guest post by Teyona Dame of comcast xfinity

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