Five Tips on Organizing a Spa Party

Monday, June 03, 2013

Experience a brand new spa-like experience by throwing a soothing and relaxing spa party. It’s one way of having fun with friends and relaxing at the same time. Of course, it is a combination of spa and party. It can be done at spa clinics themselves, which also offers you the convenience of having a party, but not making so much effort of organizing it compared to regular and other types of party. But there are also backwashes, which can include not having the privacy and exclusive use of space and bringing of any food or beverages desired. A better option, which can also give you more freedom, is to organize a spa party right at home or any location convenient to you and you party goers. Here are five tips that will help you pull off a successful spa party.

1. Contacting and contracting the therapists.
Of course, every spa party needs a team of therapists to perform the services. It is best to contact the therapist at least three weeks in advance to make sure that their schedule and yours would meet, or else, you’ll have a hard time looking for therapists to cater the spa services if you do this near the date of your party. It is also wise to contract a therapist that caters spa party needs, as they will be more knowledgeable and experienced when it comes to customizing their services for the party. If you cannot find a spa therapist that offers party services, look for those who have had spa party service experiences.

2. Sending out invitations.
It is also wise to send out the invitations ahead of time—if possible, even before you contact and contract the therapists. This will ensure that your spa party will run smoothly. Sending out invites and getting RSVPs ahead of time will help you determine how many number and what kind of services you can give to your guests. It is also a good thing to limit your guests to less than twenty to make sure that you’ll have fun and get pampered at the same time. Larger number of guests means more entertaining and less time to get pampered.

3. Booking the venue.
The beauty of spa parties is that it can be held anywhere—at home or any rented location, as long as there are couches or sofas that can be used and would offer comfort for your guests. But having it at home will be wiser, as it can cut some costs, and you can do pretty much everything.

4. Preparing the decorations.
Spa party needs very minimal decorations. Lighted candles, potpourri, flowers or scattered petals paired with a soothing music will actually do.

5. Getting the right food and beverages.
Another good thing about spa parties is that they do not need a lot of and/or heavy food since you are not after the food; you are after the pampering experience. Light and refreshing food like fresh salads, cucumber slices, fruits, crackers and biscuits paired with healthy organic dips will do. For the beverages, lemonade and homemade fruit-flavoured water will do. But you can always prepare anything that you wish, especially those preferred by your guests.

With your own creativity, you can make a spa party at home an even better way to connect and spend time with people you hold dear without getting wasted and/or stressed afterward. This also offers you a time to actually have quality and intimate bonding with friends and family. Sometime asking for help from an expert like Manilyn Moreno that specializes in event planning would be a great idea. And oh, she also writes for a catering software company.

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