5 Reasons Why You Should Travel While You’re Young

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Traveling to explore the unknown is one of the most rewarding experiences anyone can have during their lifetime, it really paints the world like you could never imagine; it awakens hidden passions that you never thought you had. Anyone that has the ability to travel shouldn’t take it for granted—get out and get around!

I am a firm believer in a child’s upbringing—it heavily affects their future in terms of character and personality. Here are a few reasons why I think you should travel when you’re young.

1 – Traveling helps you figure out what to do with life

Your senses of purpose are altered when you meet new people, explore new cultures and delve into the unknown. Learning about what’s going on around the world can put your priorities in perspective and really change your view on life. You will realize that there is no one correct way to live; every culture, society and religion has its own purpose and each function towards the same goal: to live. A broad range of viewpoints will help you find your own purpose. If you travel when you’re older, it could be too late—opportunities could easily pass you by. Explore while you’re young, fresh and learning.

2 – Traveling encourages independence

Travelling is the best way to build maturity. Catching flights, organizing travel documents and watching your passport need you to be alert at all times. Visiting foreign countries where you have to adapt to the language can take you out of your comfort zone—but it’s during these times when we learn the most. It pushes individuals to think independently, and that’s a quality that cannot be forced on you through school.

3 – Traveling eliminates future regret

You always find older folks complaining about not living life to the fullest. It’s a depressingly-odd thought thinking about someone in their 80’s who wishes he/she should have done something when they had the chance to. “If only I had visited Turkey when I was younger”, “If only Ben and I sailed west when we had the energy in us”. You’ll thank me twenty years down the line when it’s all out of your system. Live life with no regrets and no “if only’s”.

4 – Traveling brings wisdom and makes you interesting

Talking to someone who has nothing to say can get very boring very quick. Travelling gives you memorable experiences that you can always hold onto and share. Most travelers are inspired by other travelers just like them. Travelling comes up in almost every conversation—it’s a natural phenomenon, really. Next time someone’s talking about their Spanish summer experience, you can jump in and compare your own!

5 – Traveling gets you away from daily proceedings

In today’s day of endless Tweeting and Facebook sharing, the true joys of getting out and about can be quickly forgotten. The youth in this day and age have really overlooked the true pleasures of life; it’s not about iPads and Laptops, it’s about breathing in fresh air on a sunny beach, it’s about appreciating nature when you walk through a rainforest, it’s about the adrenaline rush when you’re hiking up a tough mountain. Sometimes, you just need a change.

One of the biggest barriers to travelling at a young age is the monetary aspect. If you look hard enough though, you can find some good package deals. Websites such as HotelClub.com are great for frequent travelers who can become members and earn travel points. There are also resources like Couchsurfing.org or Campinmygarden.com which provide cheaper alternatives to regular hotels. Travel agents can also get you good deals on flights. There are no excuses.

Another fear is the overwhelming feeling of actual travel—where do I start? How do I go? The only answer here is to just go. Just do.

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