Frugal Finds to Freshen Up Your Home for Springtime

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Spring is not just for the birds and bees, it's the perfect time for us to celebrate the sweltering sunshine, blooming nature and the most vibrant color palette of the year. With beauty sprouting up in every direction, who wouldn't be tempted to bring a bit of fresh spring décor home this spring? With great spring savings, these 5 seasonal staples will reinvent your home into the secret garden refuge you've always dreamed of. 

Begin your spring transition by welcoming the spirit of spring into the heart of your home... Your bed. With the addition of floral textiles you can enjoy waking up refreshed as you lie under a bed of flowers. The smallest change can do wonders for your Feng Shui, so check out spring sales or utilize a Kohl's coupon to find great deals on color, patterns and prints that will make your room feel like a whole new space.

  • Kohl's Spring Home Classics Comforter 
  • Decorative Printed Floral Throw Pillow Cover 

Wall and shelve space is a great place to embellish your house with images or items that celebrate the season. Bring the delicate outside world inside with organic imagery, reading material and works of art. Photographs, paintings, wall sculpture or botanical books will praise the flora and fauna of spring in the empty areas of your home that need a little joy.

  • Floral Photographs from Etsy 
  • Orange Poppy Print 

What better way to indulge in fresher produce of the season than served over garden-themed dinnerware? Everyone loves good food, but spectacular food presentation is a bonus. As a full sensory experience enhanced by visual composition, every meal will become a work of art this season.

With cookouts and other fun outdoor activities on the horizon, there's nothing better to have on hand than a juicer and glass beverage dispenser. Perfect for social gatherings, you can enjoy serving fresh squeezed fruit juices, iced teas or even cocktails at your home garden party this spring. Savor the sweet life.

  • Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Juice Extractor 
  • Del Sol Double Tier Beverage Dispenser 

What better way to bring spring inside the home than to actually fill your home with live plants? Abstract, organic planters accentuates rooms and provide an ideal habitat for succulents and other low maintenance plants that add character and charm to living spaces. Nothing makes a home more comfortable than the presence of living things, so bring the garden inside if you truly want to freshen up your home.

  • Faceted Indoor Terrarium 
  • Laura Ashley Succulent & Clay Container 

These simple home additions will brighten up your living space to reflect the season of great change without much time, money or hassle. Give your home the spring makeover it deserves. After all, the birds and bees shouldn't be the only ones to enjoy the season.

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