Four Tips to Not Get Scammed by Online Retailers

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Many people get a little anxious when they buy things online. Everyone has heard horror stories about online scammers, and nobody wants it to happen to them. This fear of scamming is especially strong for people who have never purchased anything online before. To give them peace of mind, they can follow this guide to the four ways to avoid getting scammed by online retailers.

Get to Know the Seller

When you are buying something online, get to know the seller to avoid getting scammed. Ask the seller some questions about the item you are considering purchasing. When you receive the answers to the questions, it will give you a feel for the person you are dealing with. When they are polite and courteous with their responses, you can be reasonably sure that you are dealing with someone of good character.

Don’t Open Links in Your Email

Do not under any circumstances ever open up an email from an unknown sender. One of the favorite tricks of scammer is to send malicious software all over the world through their mass spam mailings. When a person an unwary victim is unfortunate enough to click on one of these links, the malicious software will be used to steal their identities and any other information they can get from their computers.

Shop at Places with a Good Record for Customer Service

One of the best ways to avoid getting scammed by online companies is to use companies that have a stellar reputation for providing excellent customer service. When you shop at a company that always works with consumers to make sure they are satisfied, you know that you can shop with confidence. Shoppers can find out if a company has a good record in their dealings with customers by ordering a customer satisfaction report. Look at resources like to find out how well companies provide customer service to their online shoppers.

Be Wary at all Times

The scams that these criminals come up with are always changing, but one scam that they can always count on is by appealing to shoppers’ greed. If you see a deal that seems like it is too good to be true online, then in all likelihood it is a scam. Be very careful not to get so excited by a good deal that the scam catches you by surprise. Always approach any transaction online with caution, and you will avoid getting burned.

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