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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Travel in today’s economy is expensive business but you can earn* while you travel so you can mitigate some of those expensive costs. Paying for flights you can find cheap accommodation more readily when arriving in a country so do not tie yourself in to long term lease sourced via a website. Ensure you have one or two weeks accommodation booked and then travel where the work takes you. Here are four examples of different and unique ways to make money whilst you travel around Scotland


Want to spend a lot of time out in the fresh Scottish air? Getting your hands dirty is a great way to stay fit, if you can earn money whilst doing it then all the better. Farming is a great way to get a good view of places you may never have to opportunity to see on a commercial tourist holiday. Farming in Scotland is steeped in history and a different type of farming is cyclical in nature. For instance picking up a job during sheering or lambing season is easy to do in many Scottish sheep farms or fruit and vegetable picking is a great way to make money during spring and summer. Winter tends to be a closed season for this type of work, but then who wants to be outside when the snow is falling.

One of the best things about the internet is that you can access it from anywhere in the world. Thankfully Scotland has a relatively free relationship with the Internet with very few restricted websites. Blogging for cash is easy to get into and can provide you with some good spending money. Why not write some travel articles about your experiences, or provide reviews for some top restaurants and hotels. All you need is your laptop and a connection, which many hotels, restaurants and a good network of libraries have around Scotland. The famous J K Rowling author of Harry Potter wrote most of her material in a small café in Edinburgh, imagine following in the footsteps of someone so influential on literary fiction today.

Selling products
If you’re coming to Scotland you could bring with you a selection of products that are popular from your own home town. Then you could seek to sell them when you get here. Buying and selling goods is a great way of making money and the excitement of seeking out that valuable antique is quite a rush. Most towns around Scotland hold what are known as car boot sales, where people pay a modest entry fee and set up a small stall to sell items. Of course this practice may cost you some start up cash but you will quickly realise that there is profit to be made if you know your stuff. Bringing unusual items with you will help establish your first few sales; people always like products they cannot source locally, just make sure to check import regulations before you bring any food or perishable goods. There are also local suppliers that will help you to start up your own business in Scotland; these are known as wholesalers who sell your products to start a market stall.

If you have experience of baby sitting and child care then there is a huge market for this in Scotland. Childcare is vastly expensive in the UK and offering a more personal service is sought after by busy working professionals who want to have their child given one on one care. This also allows you to visit places during the day, albeit with someone else’s child in tow. But many of these jobs offer both accommodation and good pay so you will be able to save quickly for your next destination. To do this ensure you have valid references as people will always want to perform background checks before offering you this type of work, perhaps register with a child care facility at home that can be used to reference them to, ensuring you have criminal record checks and the like.

These four opportunities are all unique and different ways to enjoy your travel and would be perfect activities for a gap year before further education or perhaps if you have recently been made redundant and want to experience life in another country. Scotland’s serene beauty and the friendly locals will assist you in finding your way and helping you achieve your goals.

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