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Monday, April 22, 2013

Scotland produces the finest whiskey in the world; it has done for hundreds of years and whilst many others attempt to copy it there is something elegant and sophisticated about a real Scotch Whiskey. Whiskey along with Oil, Gas, Fashion and Tourism are the biggest industries in Scotland and there is increasing popularity of Whiskey in North America and China.

Many claim the reason for the quality of the Whiskey industry in Scotland is the clean fresh spring water and the soft peat earth that it is filtered through, others claim that Scotland’s hardy residents are the only people capable of creating a drink that is so warm on the inside you could forget you live in a country with more rainfall than any other Western European state. I like to think that because Scotland is the original home of whiskey the difference is that you can only taste Scotland if it has been born and bred here.

If you enjoy a tipple of whiskey or just interested in this most famous international drink then you may wish to pay a wee visit to some of the finest distilleries that Scotland has to offer. Many of them are still following the traditional methods of production and have a very warm welcoming family feel to them, not like the big brewers of Beer. Here are five of the best to visit, but be warned you may develop an expensive taste for the finest once you have finished your tour.


This deep peat flavored whiskey is one of the finest produced and not the type of whiskey you can ruin with any mixers or ice. Based on Islay off the west coast of Scotland, this small island is home to 8 distilleries and the quality is some of the finest in the world. Many tourists visit Islay for the whiskey tour experience and if you purchase a bottle of Laphroaig from their distillery then you even get a small area of land (1foot squared) to own. A must see for any serious whiskey connoisseur.


If you have small children there are two reasons to visit Tobermory, firstly the distillery is a great example of a Scottish distillery with some fine free samples at the end of the tour but more than that you are walking into the set of one of the most famous kids TV shows in the UK. Balamory used the town as a setting for their famous TV show and the brightly colored houses are still there today. This is a great visit for a young family.


Talisker is one of the more famous brands of exported Scottish whiskey, you will find this in many New York Irish and British bars, and the strong flavor is a favorite of many celebrity Hip Hop stars. This distillery situated on the shore of the isle of sky the scenery is breathtaking and the air is filled with the malted smell of whiskey for a mile around.


Glenmorangie is the top selling Whiskey of Scotland and they have a refined tour of their distillery that welcomes all kinds of visitors. With history galore you won’t fail to be impressed by the fine art of distilling this whiskey house has to offer. Get great insights into the process of whiskey distilling and how the process has not changed since its first conception.


Bowmore is based on the whiskey rich Islay and their website even offers a webcam so you can see the area from the comfort of your own bed. For those of you wishing an experience of a tour without the expense of actually travelling they offer a unique online tour which explains each step and gives you a good insight into what a whiskey tour entails. The only downside to not being there in person is the tasting at the end is obviously not available.

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