Fixtures for a Modern Bathroom Design

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Interior design for bathrooms in particular has undergone massive changes in recent years, both in terms of homeowners desires and what’s available on the market. To get an inside look at what high-end homes are featuring people can simply switch on the television for tours of celebrity homes. Who hasn’t seen a celeb or famous athlete showing off a Jacuzzi with a view, or an incredible shower?

The proliferation of grand Spas in hotels and of course local day Spas has also prompted many people to try to emulate the Spa-like experience in their own bathrooms. The general idea is that the bathroom is now much more than a functional space; it can be a refuge where you’ll want to spend much more time. Today’s modern bathroom designs essentially feature clever uses of space and updated versions of traditional fixtures.

Maximizing Square Footage
This often means utilizing an expertly drawn floor plan or 3D imaging to truly understand the capabilities of the space. In certain projects the plumbing fixtures can be moved in order to make the room much more versatile; a virtual canvas for the ideal modern bathroom design.

Free Standing Baths
The allure of a traditional claw foot bath and its deep soaking area will never grow old, but today’s options feature innovative styling and fabulous accessories. You’ll often see them mounted on platforms, or placed in the center of a spacious bathroom. They can truly become the focal point of the room, and of course add equity to any home.

Spacious Wet Rooms
The actual concept of a wet room or step-in shower originated in Europe, but they are being used in a range of ways across the globe. Who wouldn’t want to step into a completely open space and stand beneath a cascade of water from the ceiling or enjoy the pressure of multiple shower heads? Wet rooms can also be modified with strategically placed glass screens.

Countertop Basins
In terms of bathroom sinks modern bathroom designs are taking advantage of a variety of cutting edge pieces. One that truly stands out, however, is the countertop basin. These can be custom matched to the surface they are mounted on; clients can effectively choose the basin of their choice, combine it with the perfect faucet and have it mounted on anything from a sturdy fixed shelf to an ample vanity unit.

Back to Wall Toilets
Even the toilets have gotten a makeover fairly recently, with the advent of Back to Wall and Wall Hung Toilets. These space-saving features look chic and streamlined, and often have water-saving capabilities that are attractive to many property owners. They require a bit of advance planning as far as installation, but are very durable once properly fitted.Once you have decided on the best fixtures for your space, the fun truly begins. Now is the time to choose tile and wall colors, as well as storage features and things like mirrors and accessories.

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