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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

If you’re a fan of Horror or the supernatural and like a scare from time to time then Scotland has an abundance of adventures to offer you. Ghosts and Ghoulish characters are part of the furniture here in Scotland and Scare tourism is big money these days. People are desperate to have an experience and often they travel all over the world just for the chance to meet a ghost. I have enjoyed a few Ghost walks and excursions and here are some you may enjoy.

Greyfriars Ghost Walk, Edinburgh

This begins as a nice walk around Greyfriars Kirk in Edinburgh and even starts with the story of Greyfriars Bobby the most faithful dog in history. But the suspense builds as you are led through the grisly graveyard and let into the tombs. This tour has a huge volume of reported incidents, from fainting, possession, physical scratches and bruises to the more mild feeling of temperature changing and catching glimpses from the corner of your eye. This tour is not for the easily scared although you can do the tour but avoid the tomb part, which is where the incidents occur. The reason this tour is said to have so many incidents is due to the nature of those spirits who can be found there, often evil and vengeful they are not the type you wish to cross.

This tour lasts a couple of hours and will cost you around £15 per person. It is an outdoor event so good to wrap up warm and wear sensible shoes.

Mary Kings Close, Edinburgh

Hidden under Edinburgh famous Royal Mile this is a timeless place which transports you back to the 17th Century. This tour takes you through the history, some of which is very harrowing. You may also catch sight of a ghost or two on your adventures but if not you will certainly learn a lot about the customs and people of the times. This tour is widely popular with families although it is also outdoors mainly so you will need to dress appropriately.

Gunsgreen House, Eyemouth

If you like your excursions more scientific then why not do some supernatural investigation at Gunsgreen House. The house is steeped in history originally used by smugglers with many hidden rooms and cupboards. In 1881 there was a mass loss of life with 129 local fishermen dying off the coast of Eyemouth. This huge loss is said to be one of the reasons you are more likely to see a ghost or two.

This is an evening event designed for adults who have an active interest in the supernatural. There is a series of activities with a walk around, vigil and experiments and a review and presentation of findings. If you enjoy a late night and want to give yourself the best chance of finding a ghost this is the one for you.
And one from left field

Alien Wars

Having visited this experience first as a child over 20 years ago I was pleased to see it make a return to Glasgow. If you have ever watched any of the
Alien films you will know they are set in space. This experience immerses you into the world of the marines fighting against the Aliens. With many scares and lots of suspense, this experience is the closest you will ever get to being in a movie. Forget your computer games, this is the real world, real time experience so don’t miss it

Steven Hill

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