Lighting Tips for the Bedroom

Sunday, March 03, 2013

Lighting plays an important role in the style and atmosphere of the most intimate space in your home, the bedroom. While we sleep the majority of the time in our bedroom with the lights out, good lighting should still be considered because our bedrooms are used for many of other things besides sleep.

Effective lighting
Also subtly affects our mood as well by creating an ambient environment. When done right, bedroom lighting can evoke a sense of quiet relaxation and provide comfort when you need it after an exhausting day. It also makes things easier to see and makes making things easier. Light can make a smaller bedroom look more open, and a larger bedroom feels comfortable and inviting. Many bedrooms are not adequately lit, you shouldn't have to get used to straining your eyes. It is easy to improve the quality of light in your bedroom just consider a few tips before you make any purchases.

Ambient lighting
In a perfect world, the light in a bedroom has a mix of ambient and soft lighting used for reading and other enterprising tasks. This general light source could be from flush mount lights on the ceiling, or hanging light fixtures like a chandelier or fan light, or even a series of wall sconces. This is light for everyday tasks like getting dressed and digging through your dresser drawers. If you have air conditioning and a ceiling fan isn't really needed, you can take your style to the next level with a modern chandelier. Chandeliers can contribute an electrifying element to a room's design. 

In general, a chandelier adds a stylistic focal point to any room. Traditionally, they have been solely utilized above a dining room table; now we are seeing chandeliers in the bedroom.

Lights around the bed
You have two options here, a light fixture or a lamp. Many people choose a table lamp that sits on their nightstand or bedside table because it is easy to pick out a matching pair for each side of the bed. Not everyone has symmetrical bedside furniture though, and sometimes people want their nightstands to have a clock radio or some decorative elements, and when you add a table lamp to the mix there is no more surface area and things become cluttered. To avoid this one thing you can do is get a floor lamp that arches over the bed for reading. Wall lamps that have a swinging arm can work for reading as well as keep your surface area usage at a minimum. If a set is placed on both sides of the bed, it would provide well placed reading light.

Another great option is to go with a wall fixture or hanging fixture. Hanging pendants can be strategically placed above the bed and offer a clean look. Depending on the height of the ceiling, you can opt for flush mounted lights recessed in the ceiling over the bed, these can also be placed in a spot that makes reading easy.

Lights in the closet
In closets, it makes sense to have the light mounted on a surface to free up valuable space. Using recessed light fixtures work perfect for this, they are out of the way and are great for general lighting. Try to use fluorescent light bulbs that are rendering high level of color for the best illumination to see your clothes and other items. You can save on energy by opting to use compact fluorescent bulbs, they provide adequate light and use less energy.

Finding the right light
It doesn't hurt to research the plethora of lamps and light fixtures available online because in many cases it will save you time and money. One good place to find deals on lamps and light fixtures is Lighting Outlet Denver. There is most likely a showroom near your home to look at your lighting possibilities. Make sure that the showroom has enough options, you don't want to be restricted in what you buy. The goal is to have adequate light for what you are doing without any glare or shadows.

Design with multiple layers of light and multiple sources of light. A bedroom cannot get by with just the ceiling light that came with the house and taking it to the next level is the fun part.

Rich Coffman is a blogger on the front range of Colorado

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