Five Superb Non-Capital City Break Destinations

Thursday, March 21, 2013

If you ask most people about the cities they would really like to investigate, there is every chance they will mention the likes of London, Paris, Washington DC and Rome, but it’s important to remember there are a great many non-capitals which are worthy of further exploration. Here are five which may not immediately spring to mind, but which should be on your wish-list nonetheless.


An attractive city with a rich maritime heritage, Liverpool is located in the north-west of England. It has become increasingly popular in recent years thanks to a major investment in the local tourism infrastructure, and because of this you will find some excellent hotels, restaurants and attractions close to the famous River Mersey. Be sure to check out the organized tour that shows you some of the Beatles-related locations around the city.

To the south-west of Dublin you’ll find the second-largest city in the Republic of Ireland. Located on two main channels of the River Lee and right next to a lovely harbor, it’s impossible to avoid the water in Cork. Among the many attractions in this charming destination you’ll find the magnificent St. Finn Barre’s Cathedral, with its spectacular triple spires.


France and Belgium are close neighbors, but they have their own distinctive characters. In Lille, the two cultures mix perfectly to form a fascinating city that seems to offer the best of both worlds. Although it’s in France, it’s only a few miles from the border, and the combination of twin influences makes it a must-visit. In the city center, there is a wonderful selection of pavement cafes and restaurants which allow visitors to relax as they watch the world go by.


Regarded by many experienced travelers as the most beautiful city on the planet, Florence has been attracting visitors for centuries. The home of a number of hugely impressive art galleries and museums, it’s located in the north of Italy on the peaceful waters of the Arno River. The Uffizi, one of the world’s oldest art museums, is worth travelling to this beautiful metropolis all on its own.


A stunning city with a rich heritage, Munich is to be found in southern Germany on the River Isar. If you’re fortunate enough to be staying for a few days or more, you should head west to enjoy a cruise on the Rhine, because the views are simply unforgettable. In Munich itself, the major attractions include the Cathedral Church of our Lady, the English Garden and the Nymphenburg Palace.

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