2013 New York City Auto Show Kick Off Blog Coverage - Javits Center

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Most car chaser have always dreamed of going to what is arguably the most unique and most extensive car show in the world, the 2013 New York City Auto Show. Well this year my dream finally came true.

I got to spend the early part of this week going to the 2013 New York City Autoshow. Attending the show as a press definitely has its benefits, the biggest one being able to get in before the show is open to the public. That's right, complimentary entrance fees, cocktail reception, no high school kids running around and no crying kids.

So if you didn't have a chance to check out the show in NYC this year, hopefully these photos will highlight what you missed (technically, as of this writing, the show will be open on March 29th). I highly recommend it for any car enthusiast, Gearhead, or anyone that enjoys seeing the state of the art automotive design, go and check it out. Enjoy!

Courtesy of BMW. Pretty throughout the day all car brands are serving wine, coffee, cake, finger food and more. Especially from Hyundai, their cocktail reception was the best in terms of food and drinks. And oh yes! They served shrimp scampi, beef and seafood! Not to mention the beer as well.

I got myself a little treat. Hey! Look at that smile!

The future New York City yellow cap

Official vehicle for New York Yankees. Thumbs up to Toyota

Another media break section from Porsche. Look at the size of that cake!

Get your tickets today!

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